Full Indictment of Ted Loza, CM Jim Graham’s Chief of Staff

Thanks to a reader for sending the full indictment of Ted Loza, Chief of Staff to Council Member Jim Graham. There is a very interesting transcript of a taped conversation. Here’s a taste:

“Individual No. 1: Definitely, and I want to thank you very much for this, and, you know—

LOZA: Thank you very much.

Individual No. 1: Very helpful for us, you know. Uh, and [Individual Number 2] wanted to really thank you as well for this.

LOZA: He does? What, didn’t he thank me or didn’t you guys thank me already?

Individual No. 1: Here – here. This is for you. And, uh, thank you very much for him. [Individual Number 1 handed $500 in cash to LOZA.]

LOZA: You know I need it. That’s why I take it, you know.”

You can read the full indictment from the pdf below:

Loza Indictment

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  • And apparently the D.C. Republican party is already capitalizing on the events by robocalling Ward 1 residents. Source (Twitter, of course) http://twitter.com/mikemadden/status/4373202938

  • Although my gut feeling is that Mr. Graham is not complicit with this scandal, It does not look good that what Individual 1 wanted was also in-line with Mr. Grahams views.

    Moreover, based on this being the second major staff scandal in several month, it does bring into question Mr. Graham’s judgment of character. This could either be a career ender, or more likely in DC, a qualification for mayor.

    All jokes aside, he should have never let Jeff Jennings go.

  • All it takes to bribe a politician is $1500? Seriously?

  • Well, you know, this is what they got him for. That doesn’t mean these he’s only taken $1500.

  • Barry rolls for $5 sex acts.

  • That piece of shit lives in my building and parks illegally ALL the time. A BMW, btw.

  • Well, let the eggs fly at said BMW! Every step counts, but this small step in fighting corruption is just a small part of a journey of thousands of miles towards cleaning up the city!

  • From Jim Graham’s office?
    What a shocker . . . not.

  • i have no doubt that there will be much more spill off from this. graham doesn’t mean any harm. graham is just stupid, and it’s going to catch up with him.

  • $500 ?

    Seems the recession has hit the official graft trade.

    Times ARE hard.

  • Loza’s a small fish being used to catch a bigger fish. If he talks like the feds want him to, that Ward 1 seat will be up for grabs before next election. Bye bye, Jimbo.

  • Yes, Mr. Graham has to go as he’s turned Ward 1 into a developers dream. If anyone believes Graham is far removed from Loza’s deplorable conduct, I am sorry to say, but is quite the fool and has no business delving into politicsm (not even for a good read). These two are/were joined at the hip (or ass) as some in Graham’s office referred to the Graham and Loza duo as the Siamese twins. Graham paid for Loza’s girlfriend’s $3200 abortion at 5 months. It was charged to Grahams credit card. Graham was co-signer, along with Loza’s wife, on the condo they purchased at 14th Street and Columbia Road. Graham and Loza have vacationed together insofar as spending weeks in Loza’s native home of Ecuador. In some stupid folks’ belief that Graham has nothing to do with it, not even a part, will enable the crook’s reelection provided he’s not taken down with the others. It is unfathomable that he is not part of the equation. People let us educate ourselves first before speaking the nonsense. There is a mountain to be uncovered in this scandal and in the final analysis it will be found that Loza and Graham are/were lovers.

  • If telling all of what you (may) know will get you off, take the plea bargain, Teddy!

    Time’s running out.

    TAKE IT!

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