Update on Columbia Heights Chipotle and Tynan Coffee & Tea


I’m told that Tynan Coffee & Tea located on Irving Street just west of 14th St., NW is about “half way done”. You can also see that they’ve applied for a liquor license.


Chipotle coming to 3113 14th Street, NW begins its build out Monday!

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  • oh no, chipotle, suburban institutional franchise! wait, they sell burritos, to which i am addicted…

  • Arlington, here we come! Speaking of burritos, anybody know why Burritos Fast is for sale?

  • Goodness gracious me! Chipotle! Well I never!

    If only I lived in Columbia Heights nine or 10 years ago, when the worst Giant in grocery store history and CC’s liquor store were considered the apex of commerce on 14th Street. I bet those were the glory days. Until we can return to such a utopia, I say: BOOO CHIPOTLE!

  • I wonder how long it takes to build out a Chipotle? I’m guessing they have a pretty fast crew/format for getting in a space. 3 months? They will have to tear down the work started by the previous (never opened) tenant, I believe a Greek restaurant. I guess I’m asking because I’m hungry…

  • Bring on Chipolte!!! I love it! Now can we get some decent shops in DCUSA?My goodness how long does it take to get a new tenant?? !!??

  • I talked to Tynan Johnson last week and from what I hear, his new place in Columbia Heights is going to be great. Can’t wait!

  • Oh geez, I LOVE Chipolte! I have a feeling my friends will be hearing often “diet starts monday” as I stuff face Tuesday-Sunday with burritos!

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