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Surfside is located at 2444 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Its Web site says:

“Surfside is all about laid-back, simple preparations with grilled steak, fish, shrimp and chicken with a wide array of fresh vegetables served on a colorfull plate in a bright open space. Perfect for a quick bite or a gathering with friends – great for families and kids. Discover our rooftop deck and the authentic bold flavors of our fresh made salsas, moles, curries and the best guacamole in town. Enjoy a frozen margarita, tropical blender drink or sangria with your meal or choose from an eclectic mix of international beers and wines.”

You can see their menu here. It is amazing to me how many new restaurants have come to Glover Park in the last 5 years. This stretch is of Wisconsin Ave. really has a nice vibe going on now. So any fans of Surfside? It was pretty crowded when I walked by…

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  • $10 tacos when we have TDF?

  • eww its the late night shots people!!!

  • The food’s tasty, and it has a nice, relaxed vibe, but it’s just a bit too pricey for a place where you have to order and pick up your own food.

  • I enjoy their shrimp tacos. Plus, they sell Ting soda, which is a family favorite in our house.

  • How’s the roof deck? Is this the old Grog & Tankard space? I used to play there years and years ago.

  • I disagree about the prices, even as a dedicated TDF fan. It’s two humongous tacos, plus rice and beans and lots of fixings. It’s a ton of food for $9.99. And seriously, the food is delicious — the margaritas too! The meat and seafood is really high-quality, and the guacamole is terrific. I don’t think of it as a place I’d go instead of TDF, but rather a mid-range place for a date or to meet some friends. Last weekend I spent a few hours on their gorgeous roof deck munching on chips and guac and drinking lots of margaritas. Check it out.

  • The food is worth the price, this is a chef operated restaurant and I like the fact that they’re able to keep the prices comparatively low by being a fast-casual joint. The food is hardly authentically Mexican (olive oil in the guacamole) but they use high quality ingredients and it’s generally a high level of execution. It’s gotten way crowded lately though and I don’t like the ordering system of filling out sheets to hand to the cashier.

  • saf

    Too loud, food too big, and trying to find even ONE item without cilantro was a trick.

    Oh, and the margaritas were ok, but I really do prefer them made with lime than with sour mix. You can really taste the mix.

    I wanted to like it, and the DH liked the fish tacos, which are also the favorite item of my college bud who lives over there. But the cilantro and the noise pushed it into the no thank you category for me.

  • I agree that it is hard to go to a place like this with TDF a few blocks away, but this place is pretty good for Californian/Baha Style Mexican Food. The portions are as large as people say, and the food is flavorful. I had a pretty good fish burrito there, and the guac dip was solid. I went pretty early in the Summer, so the roof deck was empty and a little chilly, but I bet it is pretty sweet now!

    Still, the 15 bucks you pay for dinner there can get you a slew of goat tacos and a nice bottle of Mexican Coke at TDF!

  • Sounds like a Chipotle knock-off. Is this correct?

  • definitely not a chipotle knockoff. surfside is great – big portions – good quality – tastes amazing – not that expensive.

  • Glover Park is the anti-Petworth… Waiting for everyone to post about their hatred of pastel pants, bow-ties and Late Night Shots… World’s collide!

    Surfside is great, btw…

  • I was there this weekend and it was great. The neighborhood has a great vibe.

  • The food has always been high quality… I’d say worth the price.
    Atmosphere inside is crowed + high volume a peak times… but just fine off peak.

    What is this TDF you all speak of?

  • TDF is taqueria distrito federal. Surfside is WAY better, not even close. TDF should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Glover Park is not the anti-Petworth. It’s just not…Petworth. GP still has a strip club!

    There’s nothing wrong with pastel pants, and bow-ties. It’s just that people tend to highlight their proclivity towards douchebaggery while wearing such attire.

    Surfside is a Q’doba with overpriced alcohol, and a fancy mural.

  • Worlds collide indeed for myself since I live in Petworth and work in Glover Park. Surfside is good, nothing spectacular though. It is pricey for what it is, but then again that’s what you get for the area.

    The rooftop deck is nice, although it could use some shade (although I haven’t been up there in a few months).

    And no this is not the spot of the Grog (the Grog is now a bar called Tonic which is basically a cleaner version of the Grog, however it’s not that great. And when you order food they bring it over from Z Burger – pretty silly).

  • Yes it’s true the clientele skews towards the LNS crowd, but what do you expect from a place named after a Nantucket beach. BTW, the same owners own Jetties (yet another Nantucket beach), which is on Foxhall Road. Jetties serves large, freshmade sandwiches. I have only been to Surfside a couple of times, but when I lived on MacArthur Blvd I went at Jetties quite often.

  • Haven’t been to Surfside yet, but I work near Jetties and agree they have great sandwiches. Love the one that’s like a Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich.

  • Well Surfside and TDF don’t do the same style of Mexican food so it’s hard to say one is better than the other since they have different influences. I enjoy both for entirely different reasons. Agreed goat tacos are delicious at TDF! And you’ll never get a goat taco at a baja-style taco place and vise versa for a good fish taco with all the trimmins….so go to both! I think Surfside is overpriced but then I lived in San Diego for 4 years where I could get fantastic fish tacos for a dollar or 2 each so I’m a bit biased…

  • I’ve lived in GP for the past 5 years and Surfside is a long over due addition to the neighborhood. Its great having another alternative for lunch/dinner. Its taken over the space that use to be the run down Apollo market.

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