Good Deal or Not? Where are the Windows Edition


This condo is located at 1440 Church Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“JUST REDUCED!!Amazing location 1 bedroom 1 bath with low condo fee’s parking and large private terrace! One block from Whole Foods and Vita Fitness”

More info and photos found here.

While this is most definitely a great location, I’m concerned that none of the pictures show any windows. I also think it’s a bit odd there is no photo of the living room. I was curious about this condo because I think this section of Church Street has a great feel to it. The original asking price was $449,900 but has now dropped to $429,900. Think that sounds reasonable given the location?

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  • Logan Circle is undeniably a great location but this unit being featured seems to be a first floor unit on the alley. I can’t imagine paying top dollar at $429K for a small ground floor 1BR in this market. Comparitively I know there are new construction 1BRs on upper floors with parking included selling for 90-100K less in the Mount Vernon Triangle area (immediately north of Chinatown).

  • Seems awfully expensive for a ground floor 1 br. unless you have 20% to put down, you’re looking at a monthly payment in the ballpark of $3400 (mortgage, condo fees, taxes, mortgage insurance). i’d rather throw away $1800 on rent in the same neighborhood and save the extra money. How much can you realistically expect a $430,000 one bedroom apartment to appreciate? will you be living in a small 1 br apartment for 10, 20, 30 years?

  • small, dark and expensive – no thanks.

  • Is it just me, or has the apostrophe become the new way of pluralizing things? I mean, “condo fee’s?” I assume that the listing agent wrote it, but what’s up with that? I’ve been seeing it over and over again lately.

  • That’s a lot of dough for 750 square feet. You can probably double that space for the same price in the beautiful land of Petworth!

  • RIP off of a deal no thanks…

  • Unit 10X – essentially basement in this case.

  • wow! silly me thought the real estate bubble had already burst.

  • I looked at a similar unit in the same building back in late may — definitely too dark and cramped at that price. Wound up getting a 2 br 1/2 block north of lincoln park on 12th street NE for 15K less.

    Even if you want to stay in that area there are some pretty great 1 brs or smallish 2 brs in same range withing a few blocks.

  • When did $400k plus become a good deal for a 750sqft condo? I am with “justcurious” I rather get something larger for less money in Petworth?

  • I just sold my condo in the building next door 1 bed + den at 800 sqfeet at $490,000… because people were willing to pay that price (and this was in January). It was bought pre-construction for about 150K less. I sold in under 30 days (with an offer the first week that fell through). There is a particular type of person that wants to live in this neighborhood, and they have the cash to spend to live there… this particular person generally doesn’t want to live in an “up and coming neighborhood” they want to live where the neighborhood is already established. I’m the up and coming type so I took my $ and ran. Now I own a house in Brightwood… and quadrupled my living space.

    Living in the alley isn’t my cup of tea, so I wouldn’t pay any price to live in this place. But I know this street well, and $429K is a good deal for this street (especially considering that there is a parking spot which is worth a 2nd bedroom in this neighborhood).

  • Also… the buyer of my 800+ sqft condo paid in cash. Again… that’s who’s buying at these prices…

  • $567 per square foot is ridiculous at any location. In my neighborhood south of Dupont Circle, you are lucky to get $500.

  • Brightwood, what are rents for comparable units going for in that neighborhood? I just think that once you’re getting about $500/sq.ft., you’re getting ripped off. If you have that kind of money to throw around and you don’t want to live in an “up and coming neighborhood,” then plenty of opportunities can be found in Dupont. Also of note is the sheer number of new units coming online in that neighborhood.

    On the other hand: the low condo fees (241/month) are a STEAL for a unit like that. Plus, it comes with a parking space, which is worth $30,000. So when you factor in the price of the parking spot plus the premium commanded by a low-fee building, it’s actually not that bad. Still, though: you have to have a particular desire to live on THAT block, and the fact that the pictures are more focused on the building’s lobby, the patio, and the Whole Foods than the actual unit is cause for suspicion.

  • I think most people here are just being snarky for the sake of it — because they feel somehow superior because they can’t afford to or choose not to live in a more expensive neighborhood. Without referring to this unit specifically, over $400k for 700 sq ft is not necessarily a bad deal in this neighborhood.

    You can spout off “Why not get more in Petworth for cheaper?” all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that Logan Circle is a better neighborhood (depending on your priorities). Some people want to live closer to restaurants, shops and the metro. They also want to be in a neighborhood where they feel safer. PoP is full of this sort of ignorant blather. The same people that mock individuals for living in the suburbs (people live there to get more house space per $) are now mocking people for being in one of the more active areas of dc because they can get more house space per $ further out in the city. Everyone has their priorities. Some people can afford and are willing to pay over $500 per square foot to be in a neighborhood they feel is safe and convenient.

  • @JustMe I know of a 2nd floor, alley view, ~650 sq ft condo with parking that is renting for approximately $2300 that is a block from there (in a building that has an actual Logan Circle address).

  • Forget the comparison to Petworth or CH, I was using FranklyMLS to look at listing in Capitol Hill (20003 and 20002 area codes) and found loads of row homes for the same price, in gorgeous condition (and obviously much larger)! I’d post links but I know that would trap my post in quarantine for the week.

    Of course everyone has different tastes in what they want out of a neighborhood, but I don’t think you need to give up safety or vibrant street life to find a decent price. This is way overpriced.

  • It’s hard to say in that neighborhood if this is a good deal or not. I think no it’s not a good deal because it’s a basement condo. Maybe if it was on another floor with more/bigger windows it would be an okayish price for that area.

  • If this unit sells for $400k+ that is good news for most current owners (who cares if you would live there, someone else is willing too, that’s a good thing)… as prices rise in “safe” (a relative term) areas, it will increase the demand for cheaper (a relative term) housing in the surrounding (north & east) “less safe” areas… a la gentrification… which will increase purchase prices/rents and the cycle continues… north & east as long as the population demanding such price/location increases.

  • Some people do want to live closer to restaurants, shops and the Metro, but Logan Circle really is close to none of the above, unless you count Whole Foods and the handful of overpriced, underwhelming (hmmm, a lot like this condo) restaurants around 14th Street.

    That being said, Logan Circle is a fabulous neighborhood, and I could see a 1BR condo in this area being a good deal at $430k if it had a view or some other distinguishing characteristic, but a nearly-windowless basement unit for that price is definitely a bad deal. That price is in Dupont Circle territory, and Dupont Circle this ain’t. And basement apartments are only nice if you’re never home and never want to do any entertaining.

  • A friend of mine lives in that building, and there are rarely units available (from what I hear). Hardly any have a terrace bigger than 6 square feet, so this one looks pretty good. I think this price isn’t far off. Great ‘hood, garage PARKING (which, by the way, enters off P Street right across from Whole Foods next to Stoneys, talk about location location location), and not a studio. And it’s a beautiful building filled with responsible owners, not a lot of crappy renters. The 1st floor thing is a little “eh”, but it’ll sell high.

    And you can walk one block to the Pride parade every year. What more can anyone ask for?

  • saf

    CHP – nobody know’s how to u’se apostrophe’s anymore. I think they think it mean’s, “Look OUT! Here come’s an ‘s!”

    (Wow, that hurt to type.)

  • @anonymouse 3:40pm

    Your definition of “Capitol Hill”, “Vibrant and Safe” are interesting. The only row homes I see under $450k in 20002 and 20003 are on the outskirts of “Capitol Hill” and not within what I would consider the “desirable” portion of it. They are largely south of the SE freeway, North of H street, near DC Hospital and east of 13th street.

  • I checked this place out in the string. The units are small and awkward. The views are miserable — straight across into your neighbors’ apartments. In my book, these are still overpriced, even for that location.

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