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DSCN2055, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I know there are some fans of this classic roll top Citroen. The top literally rolls back, I think. This is a classic, right? I found it in Glover Park.

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  • These cars were everywhere when I lived in Paris, back in the day. ANd I remember what the 2CV meant: that the car had deux cheveaux, 2 horsepower, whatever that means, except don’t get behind it going up a hill.

  • Awesome to see one in the States. In France, they’re about like the original Beetle. A head-turner, but not rare, per se.

  • I think I saw two old dapper dudes driving this 2CV near Union Station a few months ago. Very stylish.

  • There is absolutely nothing stylish about a deux cheveaux. It’s cool looking, but not stylish. Except if you’re in France, and it’s just cheap, what VW bugs were like back in the day.

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