Dear PoP – Don’t Forget Cafe Collage


“Dear PoP,

As an area resident (14 and W) I want to bring to your attention a local establishment that I think could really use some publicity. The Collage Caf

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  • Ethiopian coffee on 14th!? Why didn’t someone tell me earlier? I blame youuuuu, internet.

  • I don’t live close by so I’ve only been once, but in my experience their coffee is actually pretty fantastic.

  • Very nice proprietors. Also, they have a downstairs area which can be used for larger gatherings (meetups and such). The coffee is decent.

  • I am sorry everyone is exposing this great secret spot, now I will not be able to get a table.

  • What exactly distinguishes Ethiopian coffee from other styles of coffee? I’m guessing that like Ethiopian food, you scoop it up and drink it with your hands.

  • Ha! I’m sorry, the mental image is cracking me up.

    I’ve heard that Ethiopian coffee beans are awesome. Juan Valdez may have something to say about that, though.

  • Tez is so nice!! a great place to have meetings. ugh my mouth is watering thinking about the coffee.

  • thanks for the tip. i’ve never seen it–never walk on T, never sit outside at Saint Ex.

  • i live a block away and all i gotta say is
    (and super nice folks)

  • the coffee and food are great and the owners are amazingly friendly. for some reason its never crowded!

  • I frequent Cafe Collage and have never had a bad cup of coffee. I find Ethiopian coffee to be somewhat stronger than others. there is another Ethiopian coffee shop on H Street NE that is also very good, Sidamo coffee and tea.

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