Taking the Cat For a Walk

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This was a weekend of firsts for me. I’d never seen a cat on a leash before. (For the record, I did ask permission to take this photo.) Have you ever seen a cat on a leash before?

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  • saf

    The late great Loki walked on a leash. But she was very slow – she had to stop at EVERY porch to say hi to everyone.

    Elsa, the late senior cat in charge of the universe, also walked on a leash. Well, actually, she ran on a leash from the door, down the stairs, to the front yard. There you could loop the leash on the railing and let her sit on the grass for quite a while.

    None of the current cats want to walk on a leash. They won’t even wear harnesses.

    When we lived in Mt Pleasant, there was a woman in our building who walked her rabbit on a leash.

  • We put harnesses and leashes on our inside cats and let them roam around the backyard sometimes, but they don’t like the leash much.

  • My cat has walked me on his leash, occasionally. But only when he felt like it – as he’s an unfixed, 20lb. American Bobtail.

  • I tried this with my cats. After laughing mercilessly at me, the proceeded to scratch a hole in my carpet to remind who the hell was the boss.

  • Oops. Errors. I tried this with my cats. After laughing mercilessly at me, they proceeded to scratch a hole in my carpet to remind me who the hell was the boss.

  • Yup, my cat wears a harness and a leash when we go out. I used to live on a quiet street with a nice backyard and I would take him out for short strolls to enjoy the flowers and the grass and the sunshine. Now I live on a busier street and the cars scare him too much, so he stays inside, unless I’m taking him to the vet. He doesn’t fight the harness or leash at all.

  • I had a Maine Coon, unfortunately I developed alleges and gave him to my sister who couldn’t wait to have him. Besides being the most even tempered and low key cats in the world, they can get as large as dogs and you can train them to walk on a leash. I never did though. This post is mainly to gush about how much I miss my cat.

  • I used to have a cat who walked on a leash, and even came running when she heard it jangling near the door. We had to walk a quarter mile to get our mail every day, and she knew the route by heart.

    She’d also climb inside my driving jacket when I put it on, and then sit in the back seat of the car while I ran errands.

  • Oh, and I also took the cat to watch my friend run a marathon once, and we jogged with her for two blocks before the cat got tired.

  • Years ago when I first got my cat Burbank Spiffers, took him outside on a leash. He dug all four paws deep into the ground and wouldn’t budge. After prying him up w/ a spatula (he was that tight to the ground), took him back inside and decided it was a very bad idea.

  • My cat is way too independant for a leash and fights any attempt at a harness or leash. He thinks any cat that goes along with this is a pussy.

  • I’ve tried this with my cat Zippy (the name is deceiving). She walks so low to the ground when the harness is on, that it’s impossible to go very far. We’re on a busy street so I don’t try to take her out much, but I’ll be trying again whenever we move on to a less busy street.

  • I’ve seen a man at the Jefferson Memorial who had his cat with him on a leash. It was a fat cat, just chillin’ out on the steps. I think he was trying to pick up women.

    My mom has three cats, and she puts two of them on a harness and leash when she lets them out in the backyard (the third one is too scared to think about escaping). But instead of actually tying the cats in one spot, the leashes are tied to big lawnmower pieces that can be easily thrown about when the cat decides to move. Basically, they serve as anchors. This proves to be a very amusing activity for outsiders and friends.

    We’ve tried actually walking them on the leash, but no luck.

  • I too have seen that guy at the Jefferson Memorial. Cat is totally chill even with dogs and kids all around! My cats act like their back is broken when I have attempted to put a harness on them.

  • So no one’s gonna mention how cute the girl in the photo is?

  • PoP, this is a really good photograph.

  • i’m a cat walker….. kitty seems to love being able to chase birdsd/squirrels/insects
    …. wish there was a cat park

  • My Godmother used to walk her cat, Tiger. He liked to nibble on grass.

  • We used to walk our little buddy all the time when we lived down on Newton, and he absolutely loved it. Sadly, where we are now is too ridden with kids that can’t treat a cat well. I really do love the kids (they’re generally sweethearts), but seriously, where are their parents? Why can’t they pet a cat without beating the shit out of it? Why did I make the mistake once of letting one pet it, only to have him squeeze the shit out of him, necessitating a vet visit? Why did another kid kick him, and how come I can’t find his parent(s?) to tell? Now kitty doesn’t get to go outside anymore, and the leash hangs sadly from the shelf.

  • Tried once. The cat looked like a cartoon, a whirling cloud of fur and dust with claws sticking out, just before she slipped her collar and ran under a bush.

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  • I love the shoes.

  • Vonstallin

    candy strip leggins and wedges makes ol Vonstallin smiles 🙂

  • i hate cate – the devil incarnate – but not enough to put them on a leash. there’s just something terribly against the grain of felines to put them on a leash.

  • Note how the owner hides her face in shame. That cat is plotting its revenge even now.

  • There’s a guy who walks his dog and cat at the same time down around Logan. The cat is better leash trained than the dog. Though I’m sure he’s just showing off thinking, ” Dumb dog. How hard can this be?”

  • I used to put a harness on my tiny tabby cat, Jillian. She loved it. We would run around the Loch Raven Reservoir, and she would climb up trees (but not high enough so that I had to call the fire department. From a far, people thought she was a chihuaha.

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