Good Deal or Not? Huge Stand-alone on 13th St. Edition


This home is located at 3600 13th Street, NW:

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The flier says:


More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

Well, I was originally interested in this house because it is huge. But I didn’t realize that it was also renovated. While I’m not calling it house porn it does have hp prices. It’s asking $1,195,000. Wow, I had no idea that there were houses that far north on 13th St. going for that kinda dough. But then again, it’s nice that the home was not split into tiny condos. What do you think of the home itself. Any chance you think it’ll go for asking? Over a mil?

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  • I look at that thing every time I go to the shady mart across the street (it used to have a name, but the sign vanished a few months ago…).

    I’d been wondering what they were asking. It’s a sweet looking house to be sure. But seriously? It’s just not a 1.2 million dollar neighborhood. I live down the street obviously and would love it if it were. But it’s not. Houses aren’t going for that kind of dough. People may be asking for that kind of dough, but anyone with that kind of dough is living on U Street or Logan Circle.

  • Pretty cool to check out the street view. The view right by the house on Otis has a picture of the house pre-rehab, but if you move down the street you will notice an updated street view and can see the new house.

  • I love this house beyond reason, to the point that when we bought a house up the block, I made my husband promise that if this one ever went up for sale we’d sell ours and buy this one (before it was renovated). It’s gorgeous. I have no idea if it’s worth $1.2 million, but I’d buy it in a millisecond if I had that kind of cash to spare.

  • I went to an open house after I wandered by, thinking it was condos or something. This place is super sweet. Srsly, it is one of the nicest house I have been in. Can’t say it is a good deal because I can’t contemplate paying $1.3 mil to live anywhere, but I am very happy they kept most of the wonderful historic details of this home, which easily could have been sliced and diced into a 3-4 unit condo building.

  • Wow, this is one of the most unique houses I’ve ever seen. So much character. The pictures make the rooms look huge!

  • Victorian four square…..Not!!!! The house is an arts & craft or shingle style bungalow.

    The arts & craft movement was a reaction AGAINST Victorian design.

    Real Estate agents in this city call anything built before 1920 a Victorian.

  • Wow. I like this so much better than the house porn from yesterday! I live near there, on one of the side streets. A rowhouse down the street from me, probably 2000 sf and renovated to the nines, sold last year for somewhere in the $800k range. That’s with no yard and probably no rental unit. Though we are on a quiet street. So, four-car garage, five bedrooms in the main house, gorgeous original details, etc etc… yeah, it sounds like a good deal to me. Too bad for the owners the market is what it is. I see it’s already been up 90 days.

  • It’s nice, but nothing sells for $1.2 million in this neighborhood. they call it 4000 sq ft and say 7 bedrooms…but they are including the basement in that, which would likely be rented out, and the 2 bedrooms and cramped bath in the attic-level. it’s a big house, but not huge. i would take my 1.2 mil and head on down below u street.

  • Anyone know if it’s open this Sunday? I wanna go see.

  • Totally wrong neighborhood for this price but hats off to the contractor that fixed this baby up. They did a fabulous job. If only others were as sensitive and triple thanks for leaving it as a single family.

  • I’m not sure what the premium for having a detached house is, but it would have to be pretty big for them to get over $1million, because even beautiful renovated 6br rowhouses in Columbia Heights that are closer to Metro are only in the $800-900k range.

    Also, as this is a busy corner, the yard isn’t as nice and private as it would be on a quieter street. But the 4-car garage is probably worth $100k alone as you could rent out those spaces.

  • Somebody is being optimistic. It will languish as the contractor won’t want to sell for $935 and renting won’t be an attractive option.

  • Unfortunately the neighborhood does not support that asking price yet. I live a block away…wish it did.

  • This house is a stunner, no doubt about it – but that price tag in that neighborhood definitely made my jaw drop.

  • I grew up in and Arts and Crafts bungalow, so I am definitely partial to this house. But I don’t like the bathrooms and the light fixtures. For the price, I wish it was a touch less Home Depot and a bit more Restoration Hardware or Waterworks. I am picky, though, and dig subway tile in bathrooms not the big terracotta looking tiles.

  • Goddamn gorgeous inside, innit? I would pay it if I had that kind of money. Though I might check and see if U street had a similar stunner first.

  • Unfortunately I think they renovated themselves out of the market. If this house was closer to Logan or across the park, maybe. Nice house though!

  • Kev is right, that is no foursquare, quite apart from the question of whether it’s Victorian. I wish realtors wouldn’t just make crap up.

  • iheartshaw is right on – every single new finish in that house is the home depot special. amazing that someone would use that bathroom tile on a house they wanted to sell for over a million dollars.

  • 1.2 million – for that neighborhood? there are no other houses on the block going for that kind of money. There are bars still on the windows and the upgrades, although thorough, are cheap (kudos to iheartshaw for noting home depot specials). Maybe in cleveland park but not here, kitten.

    All that said – I love this house, it just needs a little more work and a lot less attitude in its pricing.

  • I can’t believe you are featuring this house as I was almost going to ask you to profile it because I live in the middle of this block on 13th St. in a 1910 row house and have lived there for the last 29 years.
    It looks better on the inside that I suspected it would–this is from the pictures, I haven’t been in.
    I believe it is impossible to get that kind of money in that neighborhood. I often wonder what my house would go for but since at this point in my life I don’t contemplate moving I haven’t seriously pursued a reasonable estimate.
    I must say that the first 15-20 years on 13th St. (1980-1995,2000) I loathed the neighborhood and my house. Now I like my neighborhood quite a bit and have come to terms with my house as it is comparatively big when compared to condos in the neighborhood–hell it’s huge when making that comparison, and has almost all the original feature from 1910 with a 1930’s style renovation–it looks like time stood still sometime around the end of WWII on the inside.
    Anyway, this house on the corner is not going to sell.
    I’d say watch for it in the years to come when it’ll probably sell in the high 800’s gratefully.

  • There was that home on Irving that was super modern inside that was listed in the mil range. I haven’t checked to see if that ever sold. Sure, it is closer to the Metro, but it was attached and didn’t have all the garage space or a rental unit. I think it will go for 999,999.99.

  • cracy asking price, wtf

  • The house is clearly worth it, but I think it’s what real estate agents used to call a “White Elephant.”

  • Anon, are you thinking of 1332 Irving? That one sold for $870k.

    And just to underscore what everyone has said about this not being the neighborhood for this price, I found from looking at the frankly site that in the past 15 months only 5 houses sold for over $1million in zip code 20010. And most were in Mt Pleasant, and all were 2008 sales. I knew the market wasn’t that great, but I was still surprised by that. I am really curious as to how many $1million sales there were in 2005-2007.

  • It does look nice. Wonder what your net mortgage payment would be assuming 10% down and if you’d rent the basement for about $1300 (?) as well as rent 3 of the carage spots (not sure how much you can get for a spot)? 😀

  • GforGood, I’m pretty sure you can’t get a loan for a $1m house with only 10% down these days. Maybe hipchick can verify, but I think that’s jumbo territory where you need 20-30%.

  • Right, good point. Well then, with say 25% down? If the rents for the basement and parking could cover a significant chunk of it, a cool million might be more managable even in this neigborhood. 🙂

  • the garage adds $100k in value? is there really a big market for garage spaces in neighborhoods with plentiful street parking?

  • I live across the street from that house and work from home. My office looks right into the yard of that house. I saw its transition from beginning to end. In my opinion the couple who owns the house put too much money into the renovations and thus they are forced to ask for a price that is way too high for this neighborhood. Plus as long as the liquor store is across the street it will never sell at that price. This block has changed for the better pretty quickly in the two years I have been here but 1.2 mill no way. I would like to see someone move in there as it would change the dynamic of that corner.

  • Anon, your argument intrigued me so I looked up the property tax record for this house, and according to the DC records the current owners bought the house on 03/05/2007 for $512,500. So I really doubt they are “forced” to try and sell at this price; I think they’re just being overly optimistic.

  • For temporary residents, off-street parking provides an excellent opportunity to avoid re-registering your vehicle w/ DC, getting DC insurance, and improved security…

    Not sure what it looked like when they paid $500k+ for it, but I doubt they put more than $250k into it… that being said – the rental unit and 2 parking spaces can probably command $2500 or more in rent, which would cover about $400k of debt on a Jumbo. So you share your $1.2m house and are a landlord… i don’t know, probably not.

  • They must have finished the garage doors this week as I was pretty sure they were boarded up until quite recently. I also live on this block and love this house. The asking price is very high — 13th is kind of busy, and the view from the porch is of a boarded-up house on the other side. Some semi-regulars loiter at that end of the alley, but maybe occupying the house will make a difference. Anyway I think this house is at the perfect remove from the center of Columbia Heights and from Red Rocks, CH Coffee, etc. I wish them luck.

  • I think the one anon was talking about was 1328 Irving, which I always thought was a work of art. It seems to have gone off the market, but urban turf did a post on it with some pics.

  • The house looked terrible when they bought it. They painted it, put in new roofing and put brand new sod in the front and back yard. The garage doors were finished about 3 months ago. They keep them boarded up because the alley use to have a problem with graffiti. Actually, shortly after the house was painted some one tagged the side of the house. The alley is a popular place for what looks to be a group of homeless hispanic guys who come around especially during the day and sunday mornings. They like to get drunk and use the trash cans as drums. I have had to yell at them a few times to stop pissing in the alley and leaving trash everywhere. The fire department has been out here twice in the last 2 weeks to take care of a few of them who like to pass out in the yard. This house really needs to be occupied to get rid of all the loiters. But I worry at this asking price it won’t happen anytime soon.

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  • That is NOT a liquor store across the street.
    It is a convenience store.
    Having lived on this block for many (many) years I hardly every saw the occupant of this house, an old lady. It always gave the appearance of vacancy, but it was not vacant.
    It seemed a wreck of a house so I am shocked that over $500K was paid for it. I am sure every single thing in that house had to be redone. I think the owners will need at least $850 to break even, probably more.And of course every month it sits unsold they are losing money.

  • Would be great for a multi-generational family.

  • I love this house. I passed it yesterday on the way home and thought about sending it to POP as a GDON candidate and then I saw that it *was* a GDON. It never occurred to me that it could cost this much, though. Good luck to the people who buy it. Wish I had the loot cause I could be done with a house like this one.

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