Dear PoP – Where’s the Best Spot to Take a 2 Year Old To Watch Neighborhood Fireworks?

“Dear PoP,

We want to take our two-year-old to her first fireworks show. Because it’s after her bedtime, and because she might freak out, we’d like to stay in the hood. Where around here can we see the fireworks, and still have a quick escape route for the tyke?”

Well assuming you’re talking about Petworth, you can pretty much go to any corner from New Hampshire and Georgia up to Kennedy Street and everywhere in between. But there’s also great street shows all over Columbia Heights and H Street, NE as well. Personally I love watching the mall fireworks at Cardozo High School, at 13th Street and Clifton, mixed with the nearby street shows. But for the folks who have little children do you have any recommendations? And I guess just in general, where are your favorite spots to watch the mall and/or neighborhood fireworks shows?

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  • I was at Cardozo last year, it was a great view but a little rowdy. Lots of teens setting of their own fireworks but surprisingly not setting themselves on fire. Not sure if you’d want to take a small kid there.

  • Is this a trick question? (in my best Yakov Smirnoff voice): you don’t go to see fireworks in DC, In DC the fireworks come to you!

  • Thankfully (can’t believe I’m saying that), Petworth finally got its Baghdad on last night with the ratatattat of fireworks late into the night. I was worried that the lack of geurilla fireworks foretold a slow 4th, but I guess we are on.

    Illinois and Taylor is traditionally a good spot for a legit homegrown fireworks display on the 4th.

  • I’d also like to see the Mall fireworks from near home… Cardozo seems like an obvious choice, with that great view across the city, but I’m worried about the rowdiness mentioned above. Also, is there seating, like the bleachers or something? Or are you staking out a square of sidewalk?

  • You can come watch me blow off some fingers in front of my house if you want to.

  • Cardozo is an amazing spot – as soon as the fireworks on the Mall (of which you have an awesome view) are done, the sky explodes right there with the neighborhood show. It makes for a really phenomenal night full of DC love.

  • The intersection of Taylor and Illinois.

  • Where ever you wind up, if she’ll tolerate ear plugs it might make a world of difference. I’ve found a lot of little kids like the lights but are terrified by the noise.

  • Your television set. She’s two; the noise and crowds is no place for such a young’un.

  • Though it tests the acceptable fun/danger ratio to within an inch, I wouldn’t miss cardozo. Agree that with a 2 yr old home is probably better for everyone. Crack the windows for a little local flavor.

  • The rule of thumb for firework viewing is that anywhere you can see the Washington Monument you can see the fireworks from the Mall. Obviously some spots are better than others, but at least that’s a way to get started.

  • Ahoy !

    Who knows, maybe the little two year old tyke will grow up someday, stay in the ‘hood, and some fine day invite over her parents past their bedtime to see the 4th of July fireworks from her back porch here:

    Reformed Somali Pirate “Tantum Eruditi Sunt Liberi”

  • last year my roommate and I walked up to the circle …the one that PoP’s beatiful life tree resides (grant, sherman? I forget) and watched the local shows. There were about 4 main groups in the circle taking turns trying to outdo each other, plus you could see the fireworks from all the different streets shooting off the circle.

  • I don’t recommend Cardozo. The kids from the Garfield Terrace Housing Project across the street were throwing rocks at ‘outsiders’ last year. No fun wasting a holiday dealing with DC race relations.

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