Dear PoP – What’s Up With “Social” on 14th and Meridian?

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“Dear PoP,

Any word on what the new building is on 14th st NW (around Newton and Meridian)? Its still under construction, but a sign on the window says “the Social”, leading me to believe it’s a new bar or restaurant coming. I’ve googled, but haven’t come up with anything.”

I stopped in this weekend to get an update so I’m happy to say it’s still going to be the same spot. I spoke with one of the owners, AJ who showed me around the space. It’s starting to come together nicely. They are still waiting on some permits but they’ve got all the kitchen equipment and should open 10 days after all the permitting goes through. AJ says they should open in August at the latest. But as a commenter mentioned somewhere else, you never know how long those things take. Hey, at least the fence has been taken down. I’ve been monitoring this space closely and will update as soon as there is more progress.

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  • I was just thinking about this….since the sign says “June 2009,” and we passed that mile marker a few weeks ago. Glad to see it didn’t disappear into the ether.

  • Has it never occurred to the people in charge of the various permitting processes that by taking so long to approve things for new businesses, that they are undoubtedly delaying tons and tons of tax dollars from reaching the District’s coffers?

  • Really looking forward to Social opening!

  • @ Anon 8:57 – that would be way too logical, pragmaticism doesn’t exist in government in this country… dc is a shining example of bureaucracy at its best… the less one person can do, the more people we need to hire, complacency is king in the public sector. What would happen if DC reduced its income tax rate to 4% for the first $100k, more people (probably young people) would move from MD/VA to DC, thus generating more sales tax, user fees, and income tax…

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