Coolest Pet in PoPville Entries #38, #39, #40, #41, #42 and #43/44


“This is Peter, aka The Orange Gentleman, aka Kitteh. He is the coolest cat in PoPville because he enjoys lounging around his Capitol Hill apartment in a bowtie while judging his owners.”


“This is the Duchess of Destruction: Proof that girls can be so very ornery and still give you that innocent and cute “who me” look before they mess your stuff up bad. Dutch the Australian Kelpie”


“Cooper livin’ it up at the beach!”

Ed. Note:  The cats are not competing against the dogs.  There will be 5 dog, cat and “other” finalists that will each compete in their own category.  We’ll have a poll in each category to select the winner.  Using the comments section for these posts will help me select the 5 finalists for each category.  I’ve gotten some amazing entries, and a lot of them!  So I’ll need your help selecting the finalists.  Maybe at the very end we’ll put the three winners in each category up for an overall winner.

The deadline for entries is August. 1st. Remember, please only send one photo per pet. You can see all the entries here. Due to the large number of entries (over 100) I have to put more than 3 up a day. Please see after the jump for three more entries.

Oreo 110

“We’d like to submit Oreo as the Coolest Pet in PoPville Contest. We live in the 900 Block of Emerson Street NW and while Oreo is an indoor kitty, everyone in the neighborhood knows him from looking out of the front glass storm door or sitting on the deck of the fenced in back yard “surveying his domain.” He has truly never met a stranger. We adopted him from a last chance animal shelter in West Virginia where he was about to be put to sleep. His owners gave him up because they had a baby and it was allergic. We couldn’t imagine why they would put him in a shelter as he LOVES people and is the smartest little critter we have ever met. He has established that PoPville is his home domain now and we would be proud to call him mascot for the area.”

Krylon1yr 003



“I don’t think that there are categories for couples or cutest dogs, but if there are these pups should do well. This is Samantha (L) and Sampson (R) passed out on the backseat on the way home from a VT road trip. I couldn’t pass on snapping this pic.”

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  • There is nothing cool or cute about a pit bull. Reputation for viciousness aside, they’re creepy-ugly.

  • ouch!
    Count me as not agreeing with that!
    Lookit smiley-smiley!
    IA supporteth yonder pitbull.

  • anonymous i could say the same about you

  • This is a tough group! I will have to ponder…I can’t Decide!

  • Cooper is most definitely the coolest dog of today’s entries, and finals-worthy among the dogs we’ve seen to date.

    I don’t see a real contender among the cats today. They’re adorable, of course, but every contestent needs a thing, a hook, you know? I mean, Peter’s not even from around here! (Again, though, adorable.)

  • Cooper makes me want to bury my dog in sand…. although I doubt he’d have as much fun as Cooper.

  • Krylon is friggin’ scary ugly.

  • I vote for the dapper cat in the bowtie.

  • I second Taylor. The cat in the bowtie looks super spiffy.

  • I don’t see any pit bulls. ??? Or is Cooper a pit bull?

  • I love Peter the Orange Gentleman! Man, I have got to get my kitty a bow tie, that looks smashing!!

  • @Synonymous I believe they are calling Krylon, the Bull Terrier, a Pit Bull.

  • I vote for Cooper of the Disembodied Head- Any pet that has endured despite such a horrible handicap is a winner in my book! And it can even manage a smile! One question- does Cooper need to be pulled in a wagon to get around? Or can he/she use a skateboard with his/her tounge?

  • @doug m

    That ain’t right.

  • @Synonymous

    Agreed. I was going to mention it, but decided I didn’t want to get into that battle. However, you mentioned, so I figured I had some support.

    I don’t even want to get into the “Pit Bulls can be excellent pets” argument, because some people can’t see past the ones that are raised poorly.

  • Ohhh so hard. Head tilts such as Dutchie’s are hard to resist, but Oreo has such beautiful cleopatra eyes.

  • Anonymous is a douchebag. Bull terriers are where it’s at. I vote for Krylon, and also Peter because I like people names for animals, and bowties in general.

  • p.s. I just gotta… “Pit Bull” in no way describes an English Bull Terrier. Completely unrelated breeds, whether being described by the AKC or some dude on the street. (There’s this thing called the internet, seeee, where you can look up things like dog breeds, seeee, and it’s really quite informative, seeee, and it’ll make you smarter.)

  • Listen, lovies: As the owner of a boxer, which looks fully like a boxer and not at all like a bull terrier, folks assume he’s something called a “pitbull” all the time, which amazes me. He looks more like a friggin’ jellyfish than a bull terrier.

    And as there’s no such breed as a “pit bull” by name (although who the hell knows: the AKC is such a bunch of godforsaken sellouts, I mean, who the hell let the labradoodle’s application go through?) — So I assume the term PIT BULL is a job description, not a breed. Any dog that could be used by evil people for fighting must therefore be a “pit bull” — Hence, you’ve got people callin’ freaking Amstaffs pitbulls, and they look more like apes than bull terriers. Boxers, bull terriers, staffordshires, they’re all called pitbulls by people in otherwise responsible media positions…newscasters & such.

    Maybe it’s like people in Syracuse calling their rusted Ford Pinto a “winter rat” because it’s the car they take out when the streets are covered in road-salt. It isn’t literally a RAT, nothing to be afraid of. It’s an AUTOMOBILE…….

    Now, having said all that, I honestly don’t see anything ugly or frightening about Krylon. I see championship PoP winning material there.

    & quit nitpicking, y’all, and jam with the happy-happy pupwise!

  • Who cares. They’re both ugly.

    You know what other breed is inexcuseably ugly? Boston terriers. That’s right. I went there.

  • Except, the bull terrier isn’t even in the group of dogs that some people collectively call pit bulls (Am staffs, Am pits, Staff bulls). And there is an American pit bull terrier, which is different from a bull terrier.

  • I don’t normally vouch for cats, but Peter and his strking ensemble get my vote today!

  • @IntangibleArts, the Labradoodle isn’t AKC recognized.

    Bull terrier = Spuds MacKenzie; more bulldog than “pit bull.”

  • I agree Megan, Peter is a proper handsome gentleman. I still love LUMPY though. Peter is my number two. And a shout out for Blondie the boat ridding Chihuahua.

  • Dutch is adorable (I have a thing for big ears) and Oreo’s eyes are mesmerizing!

  • Nichole:
    Whew! This makes it easier to stamp the little suckers out!
    Then we move on to anything with the suffix -poo!

  • I have to vote for Oreo!

  • Cooper for the win!!!!! Also I dont care what anyone says that bull terrier is adorable!

  • Oreo all the way!!

  • Oreo! He looks very dapper!

  • Oreo… He’s Regal!

  • Oreo…He’s very cute!

  • Oreo is one cool kitty. And don’t believe that stuff about him being an indoor cat. He spends more time in the backyard then anyone else in the household.

  • Oreo is adorable!

  • Oreo all the way…one beautiful cat!!!

  • Oreo has the character and presence of a lion.

    Oreo seems regal, noble and would preside serene over his dominion.

    Oreo looks like he would well rule as a Regent for PoP:

    Strict but fair, yet with equanimity and benevolence.

    Yes, Oreo.

    Long live Oreo !

  • Gotta go with Cooper in this round. That’s one goofy Pit.

  • Oreo is a cool cat and he has my vote..

  • Oreo!!!! Hands down. Look at the beautiful coat and color. The regal couch potato demeaner. The perfect kitty!

  • My vote goes to Oreo. Such a lovely cat.

  • Oreo – Those beautiful eyes are captivating. Like a lion he is King! I vote Oreo.

  • Got milk? I vote Oreo.

  • Oreo, definitely – calm, self-assured, gorgeous, eyes that look into your soul – what more could you want?!

  • Oreo gets my vote. I’m a cat lover and Oreo’s eyes just sucked me in.

  • I’m a sucker for a well dressed man, so Peter gets my vote.

    I also enjoy how people are still giving shout outs to Lumpy!

  • It’s Oreo for me all the way – SUUUUUUCH a sweetheart and so beautiful!! 🙂

    Hug and kisses Oreo!!

  • pretty pose laid back and defiantly spoiled
    Oreo got my vote
    though I would like to give mention to Samantha and Sampson

  • I am voting for Oreo!

  • Uuuhhh is is just me or does it seem a little fishy that there were about 20 votes all for OREO right in a row?? hhhmmmm….seems a tad suspicious


  • I think its awesomely funny that Cooper’s owners burried him in the sand!!! It is even more awesome how much Cooper seems to enjoy it and The Centzon Totochtin you just made my day.

    People who think boxers are pitts are probably just going based on the square shaped head, but that’s about all they have in common other than short hair and 4 legs…

    Pitts are great dogs if they are not abused or badly inbred and you have the time to raise them properly….much like any dog.

  • I think Oreo is stuffing ballot boxes (watch out! Lumpy’s gonna get you…).

    I vote for Cooper and Peter!

  • Oreo received those votes because I asked people to vote for him and distributed to people who live in the PoP area. A lot of people know him and were very excited about voting for him. I know. I’m Oreo’s dad. I can account for every person that voted for him because they sent me an email saying how happy they were that he was entered in the contest. Any problems, feel free to let me know.

  • My vote is for Peter the bowtie wearing kitty!

  • If only there was a picture of a cat buried in sand.

    Cooper is awesome!

  • Any kitteh that sits around the apartment in a bow tie judging his owners is alright by me!
    Peter FTW!

  • Peter the Orange Gentleman looks like like the master of cool. Lock up your ladycats and kittens, folks, he’s on the prowl. Oh, and he’s got my vote

  • Peter the Orange Gentleman makes all the kittens purrrrrrr. Plus I like animals with superiority complexes.

  • My vote is for Peter.

    He’s not judging you, just assessing.

  • I like me some PeterCAT. PeterCAT proves bowties are not linked to pedophilia. VOTE, yeah!

  • My vote goes to Peter the Orange Gentleman – he’s the coolest!

  • I vote OREO!!! 🙂

  • Cooper and Peter all the way!!!!

  • Peter the Orange Gentleman – paws down!

  • I vote for Oreo!!

  • Oreo’s the cutest

  • Ummm….the daper orangeman PETER! What a doll!!!! He looks so regal and gentle. 🙂

  • I have to go with my bro Peter. I know for a fact coolness runs in his genes.

  • Oreo has my vote…he looks like he’s already in charge…looking so regal in his backyard. How can u NOT vote for him.

  • I vote for Oreo! He looks like he can handle any situation. A born leader! His laid back demeanor makes him a great candidate for mascot.

  • Who doesn’t love an Oreo?!? And he looks like a double-stuffed with Amy Winehouse makeup stylings no less. It’s like a party in a planter. O-R-E-O!

  • Peter all the way!

  • Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter PeterPeter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter Peter PetePeter Peter Peter Peter Peter r Peter Peter Peter . . . come on he’s wearing a bowtie!!

  • As an Orange Gentleman myself I must vote for Peter — I feel that there might be some ballot stuffing going on for Mr. Oreo, which I cannot condone.

    If I were a canine inclined, I might go towards the Dutchess of Destruction – but…….Peter it is!!!!

  • Oreo for PoP! That’s one badass cat.

  • I vote Oreo! He is the best! A joy to have watched over.

  • Oreo’s da dude!

  • Oreo is one cool kitty!

  • I vote for Oreo…. he is such a beauty!

  • I vote for Oreo.

  • Oreo for President… or is that Prince of Petworth.. or is that Petworth of Pets… or Prince of Pets of Petworth…or…. ? 🙂

  • Oreo is just awesome!!! He looks so regal in his backyard…a true king of the court!!

  • Oreo is the winner hands down…he’s just a super cat…and just a love to watch 🙂

  • Yes YEs YES..YES..for OREO!!! He’s SOME CAT!!

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