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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • I had to call 911 twice yesterday for people selling things, presumably drugs and immigration papers, on the street. If you aren’t calling 911 every day for crimes you see, are you really looking around at your surroundings?

  • I am soo tired of LADY GAGA!!!!!

  • Revel: Rain will supposedly break for this weekend so I can see some baseball

    Rant: Disappointed that the STC’s Free for All isn’t at Carter Barron this year. Nothing can replace the experience of seeing theatre outdoors.

  • Rant: more layoffs at work yesterday.

    Rave: still have a job, and about to spend a week away from the office.

  • Rant: read the blog if you want to know about how fun my landlord on my new place has been…. ugh.

    Rave: going to the Eastern Shore and hopefully sailing tomorrow (weather permitting). ready to get out of city for a bit.

  • @ Stephanie: Ha ha ha, I was just thinking that when they played Lady Gaga at the WSC for the umpteenth time. Damn songs stick in your head…

  • Rant: Rain!
    Rave: Husband is visiting family in NY and I have a sports free weekend!!

  • Rant: Yesterday I found a dead possum curled up outside my basement door. I called Animal Control who told me they didn’t pick up dead animals. I asked who did and they said Dep’t of Sanitation but they only pick up dead animals off public property not private. So I said if I get a shovel and toss the possum onto the alley they’ll come pick it up but if I leave it by my basment door they won’t touch it? Yup. So I got out my shovel and gloves and tossed it into the alley. Hope Sanitation picks it up before someone runs over it.

  • so I am feeling a wee bit angsty today. I think its the weather.

    Rant: Work is killing me. i am juggling 4 major projects that will all come to a head friday. I am probably going to have to do some work from home this weekend in addition to proctoring the SATs (at least there’s 100 bucks in that) and playing victim for a CERT exercise. I ex roommate is holding my deposit hostage because shes an idiot. Its raining. And my date for last night decided he was too tired for dinner.

    Rave: I no longer live with my terrible roommate. I am going to go to bed really early tonite.

  • Rant: Drug dealers on my street!

    I have been toying with the idea of calling 911 on a known drug dealing apartment on my street. I really don’t know if it will help or not because the community and police appear to be okay with it. I haven’t lived were I am for very long and everyone on the street seems to know about these drug dealers down the specific apartment they rent. The family that lives next to me, the man of the house is friends with the dealers. I always see him talking to them, saying hi, being really chummy with them etc. My other neighbor is okay with the drug dealing but hates the garbage, litter and occasional fighting that happens. From what I have heard the police also know about the apartment, have busted it many times to find a little amount drugs. We often see some bike cops, patrol are, big spot lights on the street but the dealing continues. The dealers come and go throughout the day and from what I can tell dealing appears to be ‘open’ when one particular car is around. Should I bother to call the police and give them the location of the apartment, make + model+ tag of the vehicle every time I see it happening? I would probably be calling the police +10 per day.

  • anon3: drop txt’s to 50411 if you don’t feel like calling 911

  • Rant: Our cat of 17 years has passed. Like losing a member of the family. So sad to see her losing weight and getting closer and closer to that fateful day. Ugh…

    Rave: Her mom of 18 years is like the energizer bunny!

  • Rant: people who can’t pick up a dead possum in their yard, put it in a plastic bag, and toss it in the garbage. It’s a possum, for pete’s sake, not a horse.

  • Aimei, I laughed so hard…thanks for that I needed a good laugh.

  • Rain, rain go away.
    Come again another day.

    Now you are the guest that wants to stay,
    when all I want to do is go out and play.

  • saf

    Worthy, I’m sorry. That is the hardest thing about living with pets – we always lose them too soon.

  • My next-door neighbors have been grilling ribs for 2 days for their daughter’s college graduation party on Saturday, which is wonderful, and to which they have invited me. But “Matchlite” charcoal plus eight gallons of lighter fluid are astonishly and completely fuming my house! I have never experienced anything of this toxic magnitude! Honestly – my pets are staggering and petroleum residue is slicking my walls! I need a Hazmat team now!

  • Witnessed two incidents of 20-something guys in jackets and ties letting themselves on the bus and metro before the ladies. I actually told the dude on the bus you should always let the ladies on first. He didn’t know how to respond to that.

  • good show, Quigley – chivalry is NOT dead…completely.

  • Rave: Critical Mass

  • Problem with chivalry is that you always get the one feminist who doesn’t want you to hold the door open for her. These tend to be the outspoken ones. In the end it’s just not worth it. You want equality, you can open the door yourself.

  • I’m so bummed. I walked past the house I was born in on Corcoran Street between 16th and 17th and the former lovely littlel red brick house of my childhood was painted battleship gray. It’s totally ugly. I’m sure it has been cut up into a rental for years but that house was owned by my great great grandfather since the 1800’s and in the family until 1961 when my mother had to sell after a bad divorce. I don’t know why that nasty grey color depressed me but it did. I guess its one more bit of the Dupont I used to know vanishing before my eyes. My former neighbor, Mr. Miller’s house was painted grey too and some other “taste is all in their mouth” jackass built some butt ugly apartment building too close to the street and alley on the other side of my former home. Sorry for the nostalgia but I had to let it out.

  • Rave: yummy supper at my sister’s house.

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