Police Activity in Columbia Heights

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Thanks to a reader for sending:

“3000 block of 14th St. NW is closed Northbound & Southbound and 14th & Irving St. NW is blocked. Columbia Heights Metro Station(Green Line) is closed on the South side”

Another reader tells me it was a shooting.

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  • ABC7 is reporting two men shot at Five Guys

  • Seriously? A shooting at 5 guys in the middle of the afternoon? Oh man, I hope that turns out to be early misinformation. I love taking my kids there as a special treat.

  • thats it. last straw. i am moving.

    not joking.

  • Damn that sucks! I wonder if it has to do with summer vacation just starting (assuming they were under 18).

  • Oops, my fault – I guess they were adults.

  • So much for increased security and 24-hour cameras.

  • Just signed a lease to live in CH last week… really starting to think I made the wrong decision.

  • alright. enough is enough. bulldoze the projects. get them out of columbia heights. there is too much vested interest in columbia heights to have a bunch of gun slingin jackoffs poppin caps in the middle of the day. Dont get me wrong. its fine when they are just killing each other. but its only a matter of time before a stray bullit hits an innocent. god forbid a child.

  • Also, WTF is a person who witnesses these types of things supposed to do? Are you supposed to hit the deck? Run? Scream? Just thinking of diners in 5 Guys or people getting to the gym early from work…

  • I’m heartbroken…

  • “Adults”

  • Bulldoze the projects? Thats rich. Hey transplant, they were there before you I’m certain.

  • 10thandM: Hit the deck. Crawl behind something.

  • How do you know people from the “projects” were involved? You have zero details.

  • Like the shooting in plain sight of the cops on the 1300 block of Columbia wasn’t bad enough, now this? The situation is really completely out of hand. That public housing block is really marring what has otherwise become a nice neighborhood.

  • The shooter must have been smokin’ on a dipper moments prior… how much more inept can you get?

    I would guess there aren’t very many cameras around there…. being that 4 banks are a stones throw away and all. What a f’ing moron!

  • And the racists descend again… as much as I love PoP, way too many of you guys are effing crazy.

  • The projects may have been there first, but so was the violence. Just because something was there first, doesn’t mean it deserves to stay there.

  • There were two separate shootings, the second one about 10 minutes later about a block away. They think it’s the same shooter – he hasn’t been caught yet.

    Oh – and an armed robbery just went down on Champlain St in Adams Morgan, by the Reeves Center.

  • Who gives a sh*t if the projects were there before the “transplants”. They are a hotbed of illegal activity which fester crime. As if the consequences inside the projects aren’t enough for the innocent people who unfortunately have to live there — when the pot boils over it is of course lead us to the only logical conclusion that the f’ing projects need to be bulldozed. it’s all very saddening.

  • Most civilized countries in the world don’t let their citizens have guns. Strangely enough, they have very few shootings.

  • How about instead of an IHOP or Chipotle, they put a police station in DCUSA? I like having more dining choices but I think I would prefer not getting shot over a burrito.

  • And if you bulldoze the section 8 complexes (they aren’t public housing), and you scatter the folks around the city, including those who are criminals, now you have shootings on 50 city blocks instead of one or two. Great idea.

  • everyone calm down, it’s two dudes shot in the leg. some perspective is in order.

  • No description of the shooter huh? I would describe him/them. But someone would call me a racist.

  • Right – gun control is the problem. DC handgun ban has clearly worked well over the last 3 decades. What a reckless, irresponsible, moronic, liberal comment! I’m sure this fella obtained the gun legally.

  • some perspective? w-t-F? what perspective are you looking for? these are live bullets across the street from DC USA?

    mother f—————————————–!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NAB: How bout you get shot in the legs and put that into perspective…

    I agree that there may be racists here, and while I don’t condone racism, I also don’t think comments such as “bulldoze” and “remove Prop 8 housing” is racist. If you can’t live in society like a decent human being, then I don’t care what race you are – just leave. And before you start the – who are you to judge who is decent and who is not – I believe it goes without saying what is civilized and what is not. If you follow the laws set forth in this country and don’t create and condone violence then you’re welcome to join society – otherwise, F-Off!

  • this is very upsetting, its such a joy to drive by there in the evening and see people congrating smiling enjoying life. for so long it was just any ugly strech of space between the metro and home. i dont care what the statisics say but gun violence is more prominant here than it has been in along time. its scary and im afraid more people will be injured or killed before we find a solution and/or it plays itself out.

  • You think having the cops nearby will help? I live a few blocks from the police substation on Capitol Hill. That doesn’t stop people from getting mugged or their car or home broken into. Maybe having the cops get off their butts would, but they rarely bother to get out of their cars to go anywhere but the donut shop on 8th.

  • My coworker’s wife was beaten/robbed in CH years ago. Had her face busted up pretty good. She won’t venture anywhere near the neighborhood now. I try to convince my manager the area has changed considerably. It is getting kind of hard to maintain that with a straight face with this type of stuff going on in the middle of the day. Sadly, these are the type of people that likely would have moved here and been a positive contribution to the neighborhood.

    So when NAB says some perspective is in order because they were shot in the leg, how do you account for the decisions of people that choose not to do business or live here?

  • Most civilized countries in the world don

  • Anon 4:36 – I agree with you completely! When is it going to stop otherwise??

  • We all know how this works. Nothing will happen really until a white person is killed. Then there will be national press and the cops and politicians will crack down like we’ve never seen for about one month.

  • I think the disturbing thing about the “bulldoze the public housing” comments is that it makes it seem like the person saying it is less concerned about the fact that there are people shooting each other than the fact that it’s happening in *their* neighborhood.

    Personally, I’m concerned about people shooting each other anywhere in DC or anywhere in the US for that matter. It doesn’t really affect me additionally that it’s in my neighborhood (I live in Columbia Heights) because I still think the chance of me getting hit by a stray bullet is still incredibly small. So bulldozing the public housing, and moving all those people somewhere else, doesn’t solve the problem. It just pushes it out of sight.

  • cue the IDIOTIC REPETITIVE “tear down section 8” and “make guns (even more) illegal” debates.

    im so depressed after seeing this news. its good no one died. i really do feel like this is a battle of good vs. evil and evil is winning. and there is nothing the good can do… so we will just tear into each other and keep having the same STUPID debate. meanwhile… in some ratty trashed out basement in CH, someone is planning how he is going to get back at the guys who did this. its not going to end.

    im sitting at my desk at work pissed off and completely destroyed.

  • Vigilante justice. All it takes is turning the table on a couple of these punks and they’ll think twice. Where’s Charles Bronson when you need him.

  • I don’t care if they were shot in the little toe…THEY WERE SHOT, in broad daylight (or perhaps rain), impudently, incredulously, and a few other obscure adverbs I havent even come up with yet!

    And ya, Im one of the people who would be willing to bet it has something to do with the section 8 folks. And frankly, that does not make me a racist. I dont think it has to do with any of my neighbors (of varying races, creeds, colors, sizes, shapes, and, for that matter species)., so it has nothing to do with their race. It has to do with the blight that parts of that community bring to the neighborhood.

    Ya, I hope Im wrong and it was someone who just came up to have a burger and forgot about the vendetta against ’em.

  • Anon 4:42 – Anyone want to be a martyr?

  • Ever notice that in other big cities there are three or four cops, outside their vehicles, just standing on the corner, placed about every other or every third block. 364 days a year. I’ve never seen that in DC. Next time you go to Manhattan, observe.

  • Listen, just because a few people in Sec. 8 housing projects are violent criminals doesn’t mean that everyone else is. These blanket generalizations are subtle forms of racism that have no place in civilized discussion.

    To suggest that housing for so many people should be bulldozed is actually counter productive. It might be easy for you to hire a moving truck, pay your deposit on utilities, and get to know a new area, but for the impoverished amongst us, it is a formidable task that might drive more people to crime to help their moms or pops out.

  • Anon 4:46 – I used to play count the cops when I lived in Manhattan and would venture out. It was kind of amusing to reach double digits some days within just a few blocks (usually around Times Square, though, near my office). I always felt safe there. Here in DC, I rarely do.

  • I can hardly wait for the obligatory listserv note from Jim Graham… “sadly my friends, we experienced a tragedy in Columbia Heights Thursday”. I suppose he has some automated form that his staffers can fill out quickly, since he needs to send one of those messages pretty much every day.

    The solutions are, in fact, pretty obvious. More cops walking a beat, tear down the projects. Yes it really is that easy. And no, as long as the city council is still in mid-70’s race baiting mode, it will never happen.

  • I think the comments condoning the removal of public housing are in part justified. Nothing ever changes anywhere unless the locals up and MAKE it change. Some locals aren’t interested in change; they benefit from the status quo, or accept it for other reasons. They’ve had decades to encourage change, and all we got was more of the same. There’s a new crop of “locals” now in CH, the ones who pay taxes and keep their yards tidy. We’re the ones who want and deserve change. If the old order can’t get on board with that, if they insist on standing in the way of change, then they need to go. It’s not as if folks are screaming to shut down the elementary school or Aunt Mabel’s old-timey bakery. We want the shooting to stop! It’s not a radical position. Who’s arguing?

  • All I can is – I am sorry guys, that this is happening. I moved out of DC last year and have not regretted it for one single second. Believe me – I know this is not the answer, but it really is sad that the violence in DC just keeps getting worse (seemingly by the second, and not minute)

  • this is about a block from where they found a BODY what, two weeks ago? don’t think I don’t care, I walk right up this escalator everyday after dark. Just saying the “@hipsterneighbors I’m moving now!!!!111 crime is so much worse than it’s ever been in DC #scaredDCcaucasians” business is a bit much.

    Also, NEWSFLASH: the PJs/Sec 8 are here to stay. They just reopened a huge building right up 14th.

  • Here’s what’s going to happen:

    1) Jim Graham sends out an email to various lists and blogs (including this one) saying this is a terrible event, and that the shootings must end, cites his legislative attempts to reduce crime, yadda, yadda. (Signs off his email with “Bests, Jim Graham”). He appears on local news saying same thing. Fenty and Police Chief do same.

    2) increased police presence (maybe including the mega-bright-light) for a few weeks at location of shooting.

    3) half the people here call for more aggressive policing and crime laws, the other half call for “getting at the root of the problem” (more rec centers, mentoring, yadda, yadda).

    4) within a few weeks, another shooting occurs a few blocks away

    5) repeat steps 1 to 4 ad infinitum

  • Apparently one of the people shot was an innocent bystander

  • It’s my understanding that most of this violence is perpetrated by young men in feuding “crews” or gangs. I urge everyone to read the article in the New Yorker this week about preventing gang violence (here’s another article from Newsweek that talks about a new approach that’s working in other areas: http://www.newsweek.com/id/182534). More cops on the street isn’t the solution, but more creative policing and community involvement is.

  • Sam E J: Source, please?

  • Washington CityPaper has more information on it, but it was a fight between two people who were leaving the metro:


  • Have to agree with a lot of these feelings of sadness/disappointment. As mentioned, I just signed a lease in CH. Great house, good street. I am (was?) so excited about joining this community, but I can see stuff like this taking a toll on people like me, who want to love and be a resident of CH. This Happened at the METRO. How will the neighborhood attract residents/shoppers if they can’t even get off the metro safely?

  • @Kay: If you think the violence in DC is getting worse by the day, you clearly weren’t here in the late ’80s – early ’90s.

  • Yes, according to City Paper, an innocent bystander got shot. Unacceptable.

  • If the people in the projects are not the problem, then why don’t the people West of the Park take some of them? I mean that is a big enough complex to split it in half and move them to Glover Park. That would be a Win-Win for everyone since most of the people are ‘law abiding’ as we love to say.

    But that will never happen. We are stuck with them until we get enough money to move. That is the way it is and always will be. Glover Park isn’t so much more expensive because it is nicer. It is so much more expensive to not have to deal with incidents like this from trash like the folks from Columbia Rd.

  • All streets are back open in Columbia Heights. Just hose off the blood and it’s back to ‘normal’…until the next shooting.

  • Anon 4:55- What’s your idea on how to address this problem?

  • Now there’s a big a** fight – a bunch of [mostly] kids beating the cr*p out of each other at 13th and Columbia.

  • NAB you are an embarrassment

  • Why is it you guys are in an uproar only when it behooves you to be concerned? Where are the tears for the youth killed in Trinidad? Just because a shooting took place next to your beloved Panda Express there is a call for a borderline race war? Grow up.

  • I agree with anonymous at 4:36. Unfortunately, I also agree with anonymous at 4:42, and that is something people of all races should be outraged about.

  • Seems like nothing will deter these folks. All we can do in the short term is try to lock up as many violent offenders as possible, for as long as possible. Teenagers and young men who shoot at people go away for a long, LONG time in MD or VA. Not so in DC. General deterence may be ineffective, but there is at least specific deterence — aka, get as many people actually responsible for violent actions off the streets for as long as possible. We need zero tolerance for violent crime, robberies, car jackings, ADW’s, etc., both in terms of policing and punishment, to get the most dangerous people locked up. If you are a felon caught with a gun, you go away for years, no iffs ands or buts. If you are a felon or are awaiting other charges and are arrested on a violent charge, you are detained pending trial, again, no iffs ands or buts. In the long run, gang intervention will help, as will changing the public housing vision, but that isn’t going to keep us safe this summer. There needs, unfortuantely, to be a massive police presence ASAP not just patrolling, but actually making cases and making arrests and getting these psychopaths off the streets as quickly as possible.

  • What’s the need for “The Real World” and “The Real Desperate Housewives of DC” when they could just be filming this. Oh and isn’t Owen Wilson a few blocks over filming a movie – just have them turn the cameras…

  • JoJoTurner, it is human nature to be concerned about your own well being and safetyl, no one is exempt from that nor should they have to apologize. I am guessing you don’t spend a lot of time in Somalia worrying about the victims of genocide there — not that you should have to. It is perfectly natural to be most affected by the crime that is most proximate to your home. And in any event, it is a LOT more concerning when an innocent bystander gets hurt than when someone who makes a CHOICE to live a criminal lifestyle, with all the risks that entails, gets a taste of their own medicine. Not that anyone wants to see anyone getting gunned down, but that’s just reality.

  • I hate being made to feel afraid of where I live.

  • New2CH, warehousing young, black men, which is what you’re calling for, has been the model in place for over 20 years now. It clearly doesn’t work. Just makes sure the youngin’s follow in their Dad’s footsteps.

    Clearly a more intelligent response is needed similar to what was posted in the newsweek link above.

  • “This is insane, this is madness,” said D.C. Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1). “You have cameras, you have witnesses and you have police here — still you have a shooting.”

  • i am now reading that a bystander was shot and that this started on the metro. just another note, metro could do more to watch what is going on on its trains, platforms, etc. a few months ago i witnessed an extremely bloody fight on the woodley park platform around 1am on a saturday. yes, it was a bunch of totally wasted white people. but. everyone was bloody. women were punching each others noses until they bled. someone could have been pushed in front of a train. many people went to the station manager who essentially laughed and said not my problem. called the police. its dangerous for me to intervene. about 10 different people begged him to help as these women were beating each other. what if someone saw this fight or mentioned it today? would the station manager just sit there, sort of smiling, and saying, not my problem? it seems like ‘not my problem’ is a common answer in dc. it shouldn’t be. this is a city of 500,000. it must be governable! someone just has to care.

  • Anon 5:12- they did that already in The Wire.

  • I have been reading the crime posts on PoP for about 2 years now and find the posts immensly important. Sadly the comments bring out the hurt, disgust, and fear of all everytime. I am going to show some empathy and pray this these young adults know after being shot that they have two choices. They can go back for revenge or they can get the “FOOD”. On another note, has anyone been in close proximity ever to shootings and tried to help the victims? I would like to know about some modern day dc heroes or if anyone did anything heroic after the shootings.

  • Anonymous 4:36 and others, so what you are trying to say is that criminals need to leave, not people living in public housing. I think this is an important distinction. Most poor people

  • Well I myself was shot 4 times in broad daylight on May 6th 2008 by a jealous ex-boyfriend in another state.. so i do empathize with these kids.

  • I’ve been in the neighborhood 7 years now and never seen the level of violence as has been been taking place over the past 5-6 months. Much of it seems to be taking place near the CH Metro and the 1300 block of Columbia Rd. Why? What’s up with this particular block? Does DC USA attract the wrong crowd?

  • I never mentioned black men. I am saying get violent criminals, whatever color they may be, off the street the way they are in most other jurisdictions. It doesn’t do law abiding young black men, or people of any colors, to live in the midst of an ongoing gang war. Don’t warehouse petty drug offenders in jail — save the jail space for those who have shown they are capable of, and willing to perpetrate, violence, and don’t let them out until they are past the prime violence-prone years. Otherwise there is simply no stopping them because they aren’t afraid of police or really anything. I am not saying that is the exclusive solution, but the longer term approaches, which I agree should be enacted simultaneously, can’t stem the bloody tide in the short run, and what has been happening this summer simply can’t continue in this way.

  • DC USA is a hub. A meeting place. So when all these rival kids from various parts of 14th street etc come together, trouble is bound to happen.

  • EPF, You’re kidding right? You’ve lived in CH for 7 years and you don’t know what is it about the 1300 block of Columbia Rd that makes it porne to crime? Does anyone care to fill him/her in?

  • Pictures of some of the aftermath:


    Oh, instant feedback that is 2009. Works in Iran, works in DC. Just crazy how fast we can move information these days…

  • can i just say . . . this is terrible. what the hell is happening.

  • This current crop of bad teenagers is not what we should be focussed on. Every vulnerable six year old in DC (I’ll leave it to the experts to define “vulnerable”) should be matched up with an adult mentor who is not part of their family and who is thoroughly background screened to not be a crazy or dangerous person. That mentor should have to work with the kid until the kid turns 18 and as long as the mentor lives in DC. Every single DC adult should be required to participate in the program as long as they live here. This program should run completely color and gender blind. Extensive resources and training should be provided to mentors to allow them to do a good job and help out their assigned child. Of course parents have the last say on raising their child, not the mentor, but parents cannot opt out of the program altogether. Lets focus on fixing this shit as a community, as a city, as a culture.

    Cue the cries of “it’s not my responsibility!” “I’m an honest hard working person, it’s not my fault!.” Well, as long as we all keep saying that . . . we get what we get. Can’t outsource this problem. We all gotta fix it.

  • “so what you are trying to say is that criminals need to leave, not people living in public housing.”

    People living in public housing need to step up and discourage the criminals. No more of this “no snitchin'” b.s. No more looking the other way. No more housing your nephew who you know perfectly well is slinging. No more truant kids, shoplifting and bringing the goods home, etc etc. Unless and until the members of the communities like that around 13th and Columbia can step up and stop this, then yes, they all need to go. I wouldn’t tolerate it on my block. Why do we let the residents of the public housing projects tolerate the lawlessness and protect the lawbreakers? Their head-in-the sand attitude affects us all.

  • anon at 5:39 pm- what do you proposing doing when you politely ask those in living in public housing that do what you say they do to stop, and they laugh you off and ignore you?

    pointing fingers gets us nowhere.

  • I propose that anyone (yes, granny included) who is found to have aided, abetted or housed any person involved in these crimes be tossed from publicly funded housing.

  • Anon 5:33, what you’re describing as a “mentor” is really a “parent”. I mean a real parent, not just a biological one. You’re basically saying that these kids need to be raised by someone else, because their current parents aren’t capable.

  • Really? So the criminals can live with their friends? So Granny can take them to another neighborhood to expand the geographic scope of the beef? These and some other solutions proposed in the comments here seem like kneejerk, emotional responses to a maddening problem. Understandable, but completely wrong.

  • It’s bad that there was a shooting, but I can’t help but still love Columbia Heights, my neighborhors, the architecture, all the new stuff happening. Yes, maybe more needs to be done around DCUSA, but I still feel safe there.

  • Anon at 5:45 pm. I think you may be right. But what’s so wrong about that? If the biological parents cannot or will not do the job, they should be required to get help. With a mentoring/parenting program, you don’t have to take the kids away from their biological parents, you just make sure they get the help they may need.

  • It’s about self-interest. If granny, or any other law-abiding citizen (and I think we agree that there are many) knows that being even peripherally involved in crime will cause them to lose their housing, perhaps they won’t tolerate the crime. Perhaps parents and other members of the community will step up and become, you know, parents. As things are, these community members stand to gain nothing by speaking up, but they stand to lose much if they’re found out by the criminals. Turn the tables. Make it more detrimental to stay quiet, while making the neighborhood safer. It goes without saying that this approach would have to be coupled with better policing, and…. ha ha ha!! Ok, yeah, total pipe dream in DC. Never mind.

  • anon5:33–what you are describing is not a democracy.

    in a democracy, a citizen can contribute to their society in any way they see fit. and there are many ways to make CH safer that do not include mentoring.

  • “Victim 1 was shot in the extremities six times”.

  • I love Columbia Heights. I loved at 10:00 this morning and I still love it now. It’s complete BS that someone was shot in my neighborhood, and more than a few good points have been raised above, but I’m going to follow the lead of Anon 5:47 right now.

  • I don’t think any of the “many ways” are working. I’d love to be proven wrong. Democracy is overrated though. At least they way it works here.

  • American cities have crime. (So do the suburbs)


  • For anyone who didn’t go over to the raisingladders.com photos, the first (intended) victim was a young black man shot 6 times in the lower extremities. Second (bystander) victim is a white/hispanic guy, looks under 40 but hard to tell, with a graze would above his ankle. The cops and EMTs are a pretty diverse bunch.

    Every race produces violence when there is poverty and lack of opportunity. We can all storm on about how the black community needs to come out against music and culture that glorifies drugs and violence, but no community does enough for the least among its members — in rural white America the community can’t seem to be bothered to do anything about meth besides lock up users and preach pious religion.

  • No one is responsible. Not the children. Not the parents. Not the government. In plenty of places, parents share punishment with their children. Why is this approach unacceptable for DC? If a child steals a car, parents go to jail, or at least have to deal with serious consequences. If you bring a life into the world, you are responsible for it until it’s old enough to make it’s own way.

  • Ahoy !

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  • Dear Reformed Somali Pirate: I accept your request to establish DC as an oligarchy. The other members of the oligarchy are not important, as I will eliminate them. I will also assume control of Wyoming, as it has fewer than 600,000 people. I assume this is the reason you want me to rule DC. Then, with the combined rectangular power of Wyoming and in-your-face Banana Republicianism of DC, I shall at last be able to defeat my ultimate foe, Whatshisname.


    (And yes, I *have* lost weight. Thanks for noticing.)

  • I like Skeletor’s concept. In the little town where I grew up, parents were responsible for the crimes committed by their kids. If you got caught tagging a wall, your parents paid to have it cleaned. If you got caught shoplifting, your parents paid a big fine. Thankfully, nobody was ever shot or killed, but the concept could be applied to reign in youth violence. Why doesn’t DC do this?

  • having lived in areas where the idea was implemented for certain things in various ways, making the parents pay does help. but making them do time works even better.

  • It seems McGruff has already figured out the “Holding Parents Accountable for Their Children’s Behavior” Strategy:


    Is this something we can do in DC?

  • Is it that easy to get an illegal gun? I am serious, how is it so easy? Why is the FBI or DEA, or whoever is responsible not roaming our neighborhoods looking for guns that crossed state lines illegally? We need a new sheriff in town, one with an attitude and who doesn’t give a shit whose toes gets stepped on.

  • News flash…

    D.C. Council members are in their office as we discuss this situation drafting new emergency legislation that will legalize semi-automatic handguns in the District, a move that will likely draw fire from some residents and make other residents in CH feel safer.

  • Maybe they should draft emergency legislation requiring sterilization of anyone who is caught with an illegal gun, caught selling illegal drugs, or condoning these activities. That would stop this vicious circle we’re finding ourselves in.

  • These people are animals. Who pulls out a gun and shoots someone over an argument including an innocent bystander?

  • I would just second the person who suggested the article in this week’s New Yorker that makes a compelling case to attack this problem in a new way that blends the “liberal weenie” and “jackbooted thug” approach. When done correctly and in a sustained manner, this hybrid approach has shown real results with exactly the types of people who are causing the problems here — disaffected, aimless, and unanchored urban youth. Neither existing approach has had any success here in DC so calls for amping up the volume on either (apartheid style bulldozing on one hand and hugging the problem away on the other) are a waste of time.

    For a way-too-brief summary: What we need is smarter, not harder policing. We need better coordination amongst police, community action groups, social workers to create an environment where these kids have an option to seek help and better themselves, cease the violence, or face immediate consequences to them and their gang/crew if they choose to continue. Before the sterilization advocates jump on my case, check out the case studies where this has worked in Boston, Cincinnati etc

  • I think the disturbing thing about the

  • Listen, just because a few people in Sec. 8 housing projects are violent criminals doesn

  • Why is it you guys are in an uproar only when it behooves you to be concerned?

    Gee I dunno genius. Because I don’t want to personally get raped in the ass. I think you win for dumbest post of the day.

  • 5:23

    NO! I am saying that BOTH the criminals AND the people in public housing need to leave.

    I do not support the right wingers model of public housing as used in the district.

    Where my father grew up there was a model for public housing. It was a work farm or sometimes called county relief or the poor house.

    People who couldn’t support themselves were sent to live on a working farm in dormitories. They tilled the earth and took care of the animals and they lived off of what they grew. They canned food, they sold cotton and animal feed. They harvested their crops. It was hard hard work and most people got the hell out of there after a season. My grandfather was a county health official who was their doctor.

    The children of the women attended school during the mornings and helped out at the farm in the afternoons.

    That is my solution- DC starts a work farm and people who need Section 8 work on that farm. Eliminate public housing except for those working on the farm. Collect the homeless and send them to the farm.

    Make it an organic farm and if possible, teach the poor to install wind turbines and solar panels, but mostly send them out to work the fields.

    Here is the best story about a work farm that I could find on short notice:

    But the one thing we need to do is eliminate public housing from the city.

  • Read the New Yorker article. Agreed that the approach to gangs sounds interesting. I am not sure today’s violence (which sounds more like a random beef that got out of hand) is gang related, but certainly much of the violence in this area is. Anything different, frankly, is worth trying at this point, and I think it is going to take a combination of carrots, sticks, and outside the box thinking in general to get to the root of this problem. The only thing we all know for sure is that DC has been way behind the curve in terms of creative, inventive thinking on these issues (what else is new?).

  • I agree with Anonymous 9:08. Work farms is the way to go.

  • To promote community spirit and take your mind away from CH…


    Please join Councilmember Muriel Bowser for the 9th Annual Ward 4 Family Fun Day!

    This event is rain or shine, in the event of rain the festivities will be moved to the Lafayette Elementary School gym!

    All of Ward 4 is invited

    Free Food, Fun, Fellowship and Games

    Free T-Shirts & Frisbees

    June 20, 2009

    3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

    Lafayette Recreation Center

    5900 33rd and Patterson Streets NW

    In recognition of our march towards statehood, we are pleased to have 51 Men host this Ward 4 event.

  • Hope you’ll have enough people around to work in those farms – channel 4 (I think) notes the dispute started at the summer job fair for kids at the convention center. Heh.

  • Stronger policing, smarter policing, tearing down the projects, blah blah blah. None of this stuff will work. Do we really think there will be a future when people wont get angry at one another and then shoot each other?! Some men aren’t looking for help, assistance, a counselor, a mentor, or anything logical. These men can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Build an abortion clinic in the crime-ridden parts of the city, make abortions free, and in 20 or so years we’ll be fine.

  • If you clearly know who shot you and you won’t “snitch”, then you should get locked up until you decide to talk. There’s room in the constitution to do that.

  • For one thing, no I don’t care about the violence in Southeast or anywhere else, frankly it does not affect me and I am not responsible for the indiscretions made by people in that community. I only care about violence if it has an effect on me. They could build a wall around Southeast and make it its own entity for all I care. I’m tired of my tax money subsidizing programs for these people that have failed over and over again.

  • this is horrible. this is such a lovely area, and i’ve loved walking everywhere since moving here, including to and through columbia heights by the metro. personally, the traffic scares me more than the guns do. i happen to be an old white lady who grew up in North Dakota. ND was beautiful, also, but cold and isolated as hell. rather than removing the public housing, why don’t we concentrate on removing the GUNS?? why does everybody think they need to have a stupid gun to settle everything?

    this way of behaving–if somebody insults you, take ’em down–goes waaaay back. it’s what their grandparents and great-grandparents were taught, too. (and yes, i’ve been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s OUTLIERS. fascinating book.)

  • Dear all you jerks who say rip down the public housing… May I humbly suggest the manner you state this is often blatently racist.

    With zero information, the reaction is rip out the public housing: Cried in such a manner to suggest that zero thought has gone into what to do with the people there.

    The public housing does not need to be ripped out, it’s just a few tenants need to be relocated to other public housing – Jail.

    If anything, DC does need jobs program to keep kids off the streets, just like DC needs to pay kids for grades so that ones too young to work will do homework & stay off the streets. It’s just a shame that the jobs program is so badly run, and some idiot tried to run initiation in one big session – instead of several smaller ones. (Likely to try to save $$).

    I suppose that I can take some small condolence that most of the blatantly racist comments are from anonymous weenies.

  • @am2o: uh, is it not racist to assume that public housing resident = one type of pigmentation? which race do you assume we assume to make up the entire public housing buildings?

    if you assume black and latino, which apparently YOU did, since you jumped to the ‘your a racist’ conclusion, shouldn’t you revisted the facts that led you to that conclusion?

    i mean, who’s more at fault – they PoP poster who makes a generalization based on reality or the fukers who allow themselves to become generalized.

    and its not just criminals ‘we’ want out. ask your self: if you hear loud, screeching, cursing, obnoxious female voices behind you near DCUSA, how many times out of 10 is it a group of overweight black chicks? the truth doesn’t depend on you acknowledging it.

    does it necessisarily have to be a group like this? no. is it inherant in being a black female? absolutely not. but none of that is my problem. sociology and creating a decent place to live for the non-obnoxious are seperate issues.

  • Everyone, just get your friends to all move here and these death throes will be over a lot quicker. Appeal to all the people who glamorize NYC in the 1970s, 1980s, because it still had the “grit.” Come to CH! The faster they come the faster the rest of can enjoy them saying that they remember when CH had grit and there used to be shootings at the metro, and how the neighborhood got all quiet and boring after all the grit got moved out down the road.

  • am20 — you call people racist if they say to tear down public housing. These people did not mention race. If anything, you’re the racist, since you are the one assuming that only a certain race lives in public housing.

    You also call anonymous posters weenies. How is “am20” any less anonymous than “anonymous”? Yeah, “am20” is putting all your personal info right out there for everyone to see….

  • In real numbers, most people on welfare and public housing are White.

  • Yep, tons of white people loitering in front of those PJs on 14th and Harvard. Always throwing bricks at passersby and yelling ethnic slurs. And down across the Anacostia, honkies as far as the eye can see. Good call, Anonymous 12:06.

  • Bluto, most of your tax money is spent on destroying entire countries, “over and over again.” And you worry about the pennies spent on poor people in this country? Be ideologically consistent.

  • CP – you are clearly worldly and well read. Impressive! Where did you go to school again?

  • anon @ Juene 18th, 2009 at 4:43 pm said:

    “I think the disturbing thing about the

  • START BY SAYING HELLO. We all need to walk around our neighborhood with our heads up, IPods out, Blackberries away. We need to smile at our neighbors. We need to say hi to the kids on the streets. We need to ask them how school/summer break is going. We need to tell the kids to pick up their trash when they drop it on the street a couple feet from a trash can. We need to build community and bridge the two very separate communities that live together in Columbia Heights. We need to say hello to each other. People won’t always return your hello or your smile but many will and that is the easiest and cheapest way to make a small change in CH. Feel free to rip this post apart, i’m not saying it’s the solution to our troubles; i’m simply saying it’s a step.
    This has been my mission since I moved to the neighborhood last summer and I feel much more connected to the community and as a result safer. It’s surprised me though how many of my fellow gentrificationers don’t return the smile or hello or don’t even look at the people passing them on the street. Let’s be an example for a happy neighborhood.
    Nothing will save us from stray bullets shot off by “lunatics” or incredibly angry kids but maybe we can make them less angry.

  • To those who state that I am a racist, because I am assuming that public housing is *colour* – The ones next to me have no *white* people in them, and I rarely see white people in CHV.

    Additionally, the manner that some of the comments are presented suggests that some assumptions are made, which are generally the tired old nasty generalizations about ‘po’ black folks.”

    for example:
    “bulldoze the projects. get them out of columbia heights…its fine when they are just killing each other.


    “The shooter must have been smokin

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