Judging Pop Ups – Repaired Edition


This is the home just east of 14th Street (I think Otis Newton but I’m not 100%) that was gutted by fire a year or so ago. It’s nearly all fixed now. It’s interesting that only half is brick up top. It obviously looks much better than a burned out shell but I’m wondering what you think of the final look – thumbs up or down?


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  • It’s Newton! Right across from the Allegro Spaces and the fire house!

  • they certainly took advantage of the fire to double the size of the structure didn’t they.

    eh. thumbs flat. I guess they made an effort to copy the original form of the building, but they failed when it comes to finishes.

    are they building some sort of balcony above the porch?

  • The term “Frankenstein’s Monster” comes to mind. I don’t blame them for popping, especially if the roof was burned out and insurance $$ was enough to build up, but they at least could have spent a little more for the finishes on the front facade to match the originals.

    Looks like they snuck in a roof deck up top, no?

  • They were pretty bad with the details, none of the windows on the backside match and it looks kind of cheap. They didn’t pick a theme and stick to it, total hodgepodge.

  • The popup was already there when the fire occured.

  • Needs dentils on the popup facia

  • How does one start the process of enacting laws against building these monstrosities?

  • Looks like a quilt.

  • PoP! I just had a brainstorm that will subsidize the purchase of all the track suit tops you can stuff into your pre-war closets (remember this doozie, folks? http://tinyurl.com/ng9ryg).

    I guessing that any property owner would be grateful for a heads-up that you are about to subject their property to standard commentary like “OMG! It’s like a turd tower which was built by mouth-breathing simpletons!”, “A lot filled with rubble and rat droppings would be more appealing”, “It looks as if it was designed by a committee comprised of Rip Taylor, Albert Speer, and that bitch Kenley from Project Runway”, or “that goddamn siding makes me want to vote Republican!”

    So, when you are out and about scouting future GDoN selections you should wear a sandwich board emblazoned with “Out Taking Photos to Subject Your Property to Internet Ridicule” on one side and “Willing to Di$cu$$ Term$” on the other.

    Just watch as the wallets of desperate renovation contractors open up like summer flowers.

  • Cheapo Contractor/Client. It’s not that hard to match brick color, even if you can’t match age. They could have also at least tried a slate gray paint on the upper facade if they weren’t going to relocate the original molding to the top floor. They’ll probably have water issues because of the shelf they created.

    I can’t blame someone for cheaping out on rear windows given how much even average quality windows cost. No one other than the owner sees them.

    The solution to ugly reno’s is being designated a “historic” district. But then owning a home that needs even an outside light bulb replaced is a hellacious permitting ordeal. I’d rather have the name of the contractor published with the house number so I can call them up and laugh at them. Public ridicule is more effective than law anyway.

  • (Used to live on this block). This place burned right near Christmas ’07 (ridiculous because it’s right across the street from the fire station, but that’s neither here nor there). It stayed that way for more than six months (it was still a burned-out husk when I moved in July ’08). The third level was already there, as has already been said. It does look awful, but thank god, it’s not done yet, so hopefully there’ll be some improvement. Either way, it’s definitely better than it was, and I’m glad somebody’s doing something with it.

  • The house was half renovated, the investor ran out of money, the bank (hard money lender) took the property back and resold to another investor, who is finishing it now.

  • Givem’ a break! At least they did it in brick and not siding. In my opinion, that alone gets them 90% to a thumbs up.

  • If only the brick matched. I think I could overlook a lot if the brick at least matched in color. Right now totally fug. Maybe they should just paint the brick.

  • Utterly horrific. This would fit right in on the stretch of N.H. that features the worst of the worst pop up monstrosities. How can there be SO many criminally incompetent architects in this town?

  • “…criminally incompetent architects” New2CH, that sounds like a new feature for PoP!

  • new2ch: architects are not incompetent. they are smart enough businesspeople to know not to bite the hand that feeds them.

    and more often than not, that hand is attached to someone who has no understanding of the principles of design, but watches HGTV and has a checkbook, and assumes that is the same thing. So when the architect advises them against an idea, they simply say “who do you think you are! It’s my money!”

    And the architect who doesn’t earn that much to begin with goes along and collects his/her paycheck.

    In today’s modern society, it is developers and owners that make design decisions, not architects.

  • I think I kinda like it. It looks like a patchwork quilt.

  • Anon @ 11:14: Ah, the Nuremberg Defense for architectural crimes. “I was just following orders!”

  • This is a fine case where the advice of, “If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right,” should have been heeded. If you’re not going to commit the sin of a vinyl-sided pop-up, why go half-assed with non-matching brick and a clashing bay window?

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