Judging New Row Houses/Buildings


These homes are all located next to each other on the 500 block of U Street, NW. I’m not sure when they were built/renovated but they all seem in really good condition. I’m wondering which style you like best and, if possible, if you think they fit well with each other?



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  • Ledroit is sneaky the most beautiful neighborhood in DC.

  • these looks awesome! if only all new infill looked this good .. even in historic districts!

  • they are all quite lovely.

  • I own one of those houses, and happen to stumble upon this. They are great houses.

  • these were designed by Suman Sorg and Associates, the very same architects who’s former offices are being transformed into the Real World DC house.

    She is very talented. I’ve always admired these houses.

  • They look a little too prefab for my taste. Where’s the differentiation? Where’s the color? I’d rather be able to say “I live in the red one on the left” than “I live in the 3rd identical one on the left.”

    I do really dig the porches on the top set, though.

  • Love those top ones! A little piece of Manassas right here at home

  • I own one of these houses too — bought it back in 2004. The interiors are really well laid out and they all have back yards AND two off-street parking spaces. We renovated our (eat-in!!) kitchen in 2002. My house has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. We may be selling next Spring. Anyone interested?? 🙂

  • Ahoy !

    Right on, SG.

    LeDroit Park has some the coolest well built homes in Washington.

    The coolest, greatest Washingtonian of all time “beyond category” lived in LeDroit Park

    -Duke Ellington.

  • The differentiation we see today in rowhomes did not exist when those buildings were built. It occurred over time with generations of owners. The same will happen with these.

  • These look great! I might have to give the slightest edge to the porches, but the big bay windows on the lower set look terrific as well.

  • Two storeys?
    Can we pop the top on them?
    Feels like Kentlands without the bars on the windows

  • these are absolutely gorgeous new construction.

  • Very cute! Especially the top ones with the awesome front porch.

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