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  • Beautiful architecture but I’m begging somebody to throw some color on some of these houses. The monotony is relentless. I remember when I was little there were blocks and blocks of these houses. Sadly, all that’s left after riots and neglect knockdowns are these beauties. Thanks for the picture.

  • there is some color on them – the front doors! which i think are super cool by the way.

  • I have frequented that Sun Trust many a post-Kelly’s Irish Times drunken evening for cab fare. It’s lovely.

  • re: the rowhomes. I’m sure the Letters to the Editor of the Pentworthian Prince newspaper were chock full of “I hate these new houses that look exactly like the others on the same block! ” “New construction is terrible; I would never live there.” “The village of Mount Pleasant is so much better and just a short carriage ride away!”

  • The Sun Trust bank, that was the Catholic War Veterans HQ in recent decades, and those row houses are interesting as I have seen them by the Police Station across the street, not too shabby.

  • Eric! The front doors. This is your idea of color. LOL

  • I used to live there! Fond memories . . .

  • I can’t tell, are these all one building or are do they just all look alike? Any who they are very nice but boring to look at. Need much more than different door colors to entice the eye.

  • If i’m not mistaken, I believe a nonprofit snapped up that row when times were tough, restored the houses, and turned them into low/working income housing.

  • The large building behind the bank originally had a blank wall in clear expectation that the bank would be torn down and replaced with a box fitting the zoning envelope. Eventually, about five years ago, the large building was renovated and the wall was replaced with the windows you see now — a fantastic effect IMO.

    The rehabilitation project on the row of houses on L Street lasted at least ten years. It started, stopped, then every few years would sputter up momentarily and lapse back into slow decay. After three or four cycles, it finally happened for real about the time serious renovation activity got going in the blocks north of it, also maybe five years ago.

  • I heard that below that bank, where the gassy part is, there once existed an underground speakeasy back during the days of prohibition. Pretty cool.

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