Judging Backs of Row Houses


I thought this back to a row house of 11th Street near Logan Circle looked terrific. Great big windows. It looks like the home may have been converted to condos. I was also struck how traditional the home looks from the front, you’d never guess it was so “modern” from the back. I’m also curious what you think of balconies that overlook an alley? Do you think that’d be a pleasant spot to hang out?


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  • I dig it. I’m also ok with hanging out on alley-balconies. So long as there isn’t garbage or people living/sleeping/peeing near the balcony, it’s not a bad place to hang out. When it comes to condos/apartments, outdoors is outdoors.

  • Actually the front and the back shown here aren’t the same building. I used to live in the house shown from the front. There are two great and very large decks on the back of it (3 units in the building, two have their own private decks).

    I think the house shown from the back is a couple houses south.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Dang, I was guestimating. Thought I counted it out right…

  • Yeah, I think the house front you show here is 1424, and the rear photo is of 1418 (I used to live in 1420). Lots of fun people on that block, was good times.

  • I like the balconies in the back they remind me of a cruise liner

  • I gotta say, those windows are excellent. But sitting back on my deck, sipping my scotch and watching the rat stampede as the garbage trucks come down the alley would sort of sour it for me. Was there a rooftop deck too? I’d rather look at pigeons than rodents.

  • @Skeletor

    Yes! I had the same reaction. When i lived in Adams Morgan, I was sitting on my 2nd floor rear balcony with a cup of coffee and newspaper when I saw what looked like a cat bending to lap at a puddle of water in a neighbor’s driveway. It soon revealed itself to be about a foot long (or more?) rat.

    I’ve seen many rats in DC, but never one as big as this, which looked more in line with some that I’ve seen in NYC

  • I remember the time on Corcoran Street when I went to take out the trash and perched on top of the can was a foot long monster rat with a chicken bone in his mouth and when he saw me he dropped it and growled like a dog!

  • “Penthouse” looks sweet

  • While 11th St may have some rats, most of the Logan Circle doesnt really have a bad rodent problem. There arent any restaurants/people to dirty up the area like in Adams Morgan and other popular destrinations in DC.

  • I dig it! The white one looks like part of a cruise ship!

  • I’m on Park near 16th and the alley between Park and Monroe is FULL of rats. They run between your legs when you open the trashcan, squawk at you when you are in their way, but are generally indifferent toward humans (i.e. they aint scared). I’ve been rolling over the idea of sitting in the alley with a case of beer, a package of hot dogs scattered around, and a slingshot at the ready. That should be fun.

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