Huge News For Petworth – New Bar Coming To Georgia Ave.


OK, we’ve known each other a long time now, right? I’ve rarely steered you wrong so you’re gonna have to trust me on this one. I was not able to get the owners on record as of yet but I have it from an extremely good source that there is a new bar opening right next door to Looking Glass Lounge at 3632 Georgia Ave. My source tells me it is very likely the space may compose the store fronts from 3628 (where Michael Brown had a campaign office) all the way to 3632 Georgia Ave. There will definitely be at least one new bar opening very soon. The owners are certainly people that you will recognize (not the Thievery Corp. Folks). But I think you’ll be pretty excited to have some more life on this strip of Georgia. I’m sorry I can’t share more info at the moment but promise to do so as soon as I’m given permission. I thought you’d like to know about this imminent development though. For it is very good news, in my opinion…

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  • WooooHooooo! Wooo hoooooo! Yeeeeehaaaaaa!

  • Very excited. I live a block from there, and most any business would be better than empty storefronts.

  • I do hope this bar is more welcoming to the entire neighborhood than LGL is…Temperance Hall was a great bar for everyone.

  • the door guy who was working at LGL last time i was there was a total creep. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. I also saw him very aggressively try and take 2 coats from women as they walked in. (This was in winter). Will not be back.

  • Anon 9:14

    That guy doesn’t work there anymore. I agree he almost made it unbearable to go in there but the current door guy is very nice.

    I think it is great more options in the hood is always good. If they serve food I sure hope it is better than LGL.

  • Thank god! When Temp Hall became Looking Glass, I stopped going. It would be nice to have a GOOD bar back in Petworth!

  • I too haven’t been back to LGL in a while, but only because I moved from the neighborhood. Has it really gotten that bad?

  • Are you all referring to the older black guy at the door? I never had a problem with him. I only went there sporadically though. What happened to him? PoP, you have to give us the scoop on the new place. No sense in teasing us like this.

  • LOL at creepy 60 year old Snoop Dogg with bad teeth who worked the door at LGL. I’m glad others had the pleasure of making his acquaintance.

  • So can anyone wager a guess at who is behind this? Doesn’t even have to be informed, I’ll take rampant speculation over being completely in the dark.

  • If it’s truly someone everyone will recognize, then my money is on Joe Englert. Who else?

  • some people are so sensitive and will let anything get in their way of a good time… really? he kissed your hand? i mean, i know the guy you’re talking about, and he’s certainly behaved in a creepy way, but seriously – he’s BY THE DOOR. once you’re past him, you’re free to go about your life. jeez.

  • Never understood all the hate for LGL… it’s a perfectly nice bar. It has clean glasses, beer, and some tables where you can sit. Do we all really need mini-golf or sword-swallowers with our drinks?

  • LGL is by far the best bar in the Petworth area. It is one of the few places you can go on the weekend where you can find a place to sit and relax without constantly being bumped into or surrounded by a horde of 19 year-olds with fake IDs. Yes, the beer can be overpriced. But everything is over-priced in DC.

    I’m with Bloomingdale. Non-gimmicky bars with relaxed atmospheres that play decent music are becoming harder to come by. I’ll take LGL any day.

  • Hoping a bar/cafe/restaurant would open at the old “Cluck U” chicken spot on lower Georgia between Hobart and Columbia. Anyone hear what is next for this place?

  • Looking Glass Lounge SUCKS! I miss Temperance Hall…..

  • Ah, if its right next to LGL … its great news for PARK VIEW!

  • hey e-says,
    I was past the door. He kept coming over to my table even though I was trying to make it very clear through one word answers and actually turning away from him, that I was uninterested in conversation. He still proceeded to grab my arm to look at a tattoo, and at that point kissed my hand.
    But really, does it matter where I was, whether at the door or at a table? I may be prepared to be annoyingly talked to at a bar by other patrons, but I expect more from an employee.

  • I really don’t understand the hate for LGL. I understand a lot of people have fond memories of Temperance and I cannot personally speak to what it was like, but taking LGL w/o its history it seems like a great environment with a diverse clientele, nice decor, a good outdoor area, some choice beers on tap, and respectable bar food.

    Could someone fill me in on what’s not to like (other than it taking over Temperance)?

    Thank you.

  • LGL is amazing compared to the options, which are:

    [This Space Intentionally Left Blank]

    So I’m glad we have LGL, but there are issues. My biggest gripe is the lack of any decent food. Right now, the only think worthy is the mixed grill. Yes, the beer could be cheaper, especially the fruity beers which are $8, if my shocked wallet remembers right, and yet no warning that they are indeed that expensive. But again, better than the options listed above.

  • … and in fairness to LGL, if they hadn’t taken it over, there would be nothing there now.

    I try to frequent the place as much as possible, and the worst complaint I have is the level the music is played at … which they will turn down when you ask.

    Lets face it, Temperance left. They weren’t forced out … they decided to go and were happy to find a buyer. I’d much rather have LGL than nothing.

  • Park View, I had that complaint about music volume too, and I asked if they could turn it down, and they *barely* nudged down the dial. I was pretty miffed about that. It was early on a Thurs night and not that busy; I thought it would be reasonable to expect something other than Sat night dance club volume.

    I still like the place allright though, and will continue to patronize it.

  • I like Looking Glass a lot. Ditto to another poster who said you can actually FIND A SEAT, even around 9 on a saturday night. Most other bars are packed by then. And it’s walking distance from my house! What’s not to like?

  • As with Looking Glass, the Park View neighborhood would be happy to serve as host location for the new bar. 🙂

  • Whatever bar opens up, I hope they’ll be mindful of the neighborhood mix when they choose the music they play. When Temperance Hall opened up, they played a lot of R&B, and the clientele was a healthy and welcoming mix of black folks, white folks, all kinds of folks; and the vibe was definitely friendly and inclusive. Then the music at Temperance changed — edgy and not-so-edgy rock displaced the R&B, and the clientele became more white. Several times I saw black folks walk in, catch an earful, and leave. Nothing wrong with white folks (I’m one), but I don’t like living in a mixed race neighborhood but finding mostly only white folks at the bar. Looking Glass Lounge hasn’t done a lot to remedy the music issue, although the last time I was in there, it seemed a better mix (musically and clientele-wise). The music — type and volume — makes a big difference in how welcome people feel in an establishment like this.

  • Okay, eff all the haters of Will, the door guy. He totally saved my butt when I was out smoking a cig and some kid tried to stick me up with a knife. He physically threw me into the bar and took the kid on. Then, he arranged for me to get a ride home. Not a bad deal and not a bad guy. Sorry if others had a negative experience.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Why would Joe Englert want to come back to a strip that he had previously invested in and sold (Temperance Hall) only to open another bar next door? i’m guessing that the folks behind ESL and Marvin the the ones opening the new bar!

  • I like the Park View Rep, Park view!

  • I miss the Jr. Joe’s at Temperance. LGL is ok though.

  • 1) Will the door guy meant no harm to anyone. Yes he was sometimes over the top with ladies but until this post above I’ve never heard anyone who felt harassed by him. Maybe he had an off day. His son is a great guy and works the door now. So don’t diss Will.

    2) I may be wrong, but I believe Joe Engler still has his stake in Looking Glass. It was the other owners who sold out.

    3) As a Temperance customer and a LGL customer, the changes are subtle. Mostly the music is a little more geared to a younger crowd now. The kitchen never recovered though from changing the chef. Big mistake there.

    4) Joe Engler, if he is behind the new place, wouldn’t think twice about owning bars next to each other. Witness H Street NE, which he single handedly built from nothing.

    5) It’s going to be a long time before that block is really safe. As long as you have a liquor store next to a strip club within a couple blocks, there’s always going to be some extra sauce flowin’.

  • Awesome news. Keep’em coming down Georgia. Agree w/ DCMonkey – would be nice if Cluck-U would become a hooch parlour.

  • If it’s Englert, what would the theme of the place be? He’s already done boxing, carny sideshow/believe-it-or-not museum, putt-putt-golf, pirate themed bars?
    Where can you go from there?

  • At least for now, this location is the office for ANC1A.

  • oh good, it’s not getting used

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