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DSCN0589, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Looks like a normal row house but it is insane how far back this one goes. With a second floor deck to boot. Very nice.

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  • where is this one?

  • I really dig how they enclosed the front. It seems much more attractive and much easier than adding a pop-up.

  • Thank thing is HUGE!

    Cory, it does look pretty nice, but then again, imagine being the neighbor next door… not so sure if this would look much better than pop-ups if done more frequently (read: done on the cheap and poor construction standards).

  • Yes, would really like to know where this is. Would like to take a closer look.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s in 16th St. Heights I think around 16th and Varnum or maybe a little further north.

  • the key here is that it was done with high quality materials and an architect was obviously involved. pop-ups, additions, etc aren’t inherently bad – they’re bad when they’re designed and built by people who will do anything to keep costs down.

  • It was done well and if I was the neighbor I’d be happy for being shielded from 16th street traffic noise/action on that side, not to mention the addition provides more privacy from alley activity.

  • All of the houses around there are long. One of my friends lived on that block and we used to roller skate inside down the hallways when we were little. I’m not sure I like the porch enclosed but they did a really good job blending the materials and the architecture.

  • It’s the first house on the south side of Varnum east of 16th. My new hood!

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