Good Deal or Not? Tudor-style Brick Rowhouse in Brightwood (Owner Request)


This home is located at 1312 Sheridan Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Beautiful Tudor-style brick rowhouse, move-in condition. 3br, 2.5 baths, skylights, CAC, hardwood floors, garage parking w/ remote, working fireplace, large rooms. Walk to Takoma Metro/shops. House has been very well maintained and sits on a charming street in Brightwood, blocks to Rock Creek Park, downtown, Walter Reed.”

More info and a virtual tour found here.

I’ve always been curious about these brick rowhouses. This one seems to have lots of nice original details. I guess my only complaint is that the kitchen looks like it could use some updating. But otherwise the house looks pretty fresh. Do you think $424,900 sounds reasonable?

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  • Kitchen and sunroom need to be updated. From the pics, the bedrooms look tiny. The basement is awesome. Given the neighborhood, and assuming the plumbing, electrical and mechanical is recent, I guess it’s a fair price.

  • That HGTV show Designed To Sell has made over at least four houses in this neighborhood.

  • Cute house. Kitchen needs renovation. and those houses have NO back yard (which is likely why there is no picture of one). i looked in that area 3 years ago and saw a similar house in similar condition for a similar price. so in this market…probably needs to come down 10%.

  • “walk to Takoma metro”? I mean, yea, sure, you can walk there. You can walk lots of places. The metro its 1.5 miles away. Would most people consider that “walk to metro” distance for real estate advertising purposes?

  • Another trait of DC home owners, always lying, the metro is not what most people would publish as “WALKING” distance. I agree with Joseph Hovsep. This house is a bad deal. lots of shooting and unlicensed bike rideers.

  • I had the same thought as Joseph about the distance to the Metro. It’s not a walk I’d want to make twice a day. If you worked at Walter Reed, you could walk to work though!

    I like the basement too, and the porch swing. It’s a cute house. Kitchen wouldn’t bother me; I can live without granite.

    Can’t say whether it’s a GDoN as I don’t know much about house prices in that neighborhood.

  • I also don’t know much about house prices in that area but would say its alittle over priced, maybe 400k. Yes its close to the park but it is far from the metro, they should something about being close to a bus route instead. I think the house need some work done to it especially the kitchen. It looks so closed in and really outdated.

  • I’ve been inside. It’s very charming.

  • This house used to have the most awesome BBQs in the back yard, which is small as Jim mentions, but didn’t seem to hinder the parties that happened there. We bought on the next street over almost behind this house in Dec. 08 and paid $475k, but our kitchen and bath are new. I’d say good deal for $400k.

  • I’d buy it just to drop acid in the yellow room – then trip through turquoise, go down to the basement and stare at the ceiling.

  • It’s a nice safe neighborhood, and yeah, the metroRAIL isn’t close, but you can easily walk 1 to 2 blocks to 3 differernt metroBUS stops. (And isn’t the bus looking better and better these days with the new express lines?) And they have the nicest neighbors! (We live next door, and paid waayyyy more in 2007)

  • I live 1 block over and I love Brightwood… its a quiet neighborhood with some occasional problems, but its a really great place to live with amazing neighbors. It is possible to walk to takoma, while it does a while its not impossible. But, with the 14ST buses and the 16th st. buses (especially the express), its really a sweet neighborhood. And there is a Safeway less than 3 blocks plus a 24 hour CVS.

  • I like this little house.

  • There is still work needed to reach $424. The kitchen isn’t bad, it’s TRAGIC. I remember those cabinets from the 70s, they should be left there. $$$ spent in the kitchen will be returned plus @ 30% so why not update.

    The bright colors are…bright and colorful, but aren’t helping anyone see this as their future home. Stick with the neutrals like in the living room. (But the one of the Yellow Room straight on should be blown up and framed, great shot.) There are also stains in the hardwood, dog chewing marks on some doorways, too much “stuff” in the basement and no stuff in master bdrm? All these add to an overall effect that there is a lot work needed to make this a home.

    A good deal is sub $400. If you wanna update the kitchen, paint everything NEUTRAL (why aren’t the walls ANY color?) and stage the important living areas, I think you’d see a buyer in a matter of weeks. Leave it as it is and you will have to wait for the market to come to you. Maybe by the end of the year or next Spring.

    Has your REALTOR shared this? ‘Cuz they should.

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