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Perhaps the owners of the house on 16th and T should look into this. But seriously, I’ve seen a few of these signs around town. Does anyone know how they work? My understanding is that the city will pay for some of your renovations. Is that right? If so, I’d say that’s a mighty fine perk of living in a historic district.

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  • Go to http://planning.dc.gov/planning/cwp/view,A,1284,Q,640853.asp

    Program eligible houses have to be in one of 12 specially designated historic districts. House has to be owner-occupied. Owner has to be a low- to moderate-income family. Maximum grant is $25,000 ($35,000 in Anacostia Historic District)

  • Question. is the grant a match. In other words do you only get 25k if you can match it? and once you accept their money do you have to agree to all kinds of things like to never paint your house etc. I live in a historic district and I am def in a loooooow income bracket.

  • Mt P resident here – I applied for a grant in 2007. The application process was pretty straightforward and it was a grant (no matching funds required) with no strings attached.

    Someone from the HPO actually came & looked at what I was requesting funding to improve (primarily my old, original double hung true divide windows that need help). I was given some informal feedback that my proposal wasn’t particularly compelling in light of other proposals with outcomes potentially more visible and significant.

    Fair enough – with limited funding they’ll want to choose projects with maximum impact.

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