Dear PoP – Carjacking in Petworth – MPD Makes Arrests

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“Dear PoP,

I got home to 3rd and Allison NW yesterday around 12 or 12:30am, and as I drove south down New Hampshire I saw a bunch of police cars and trucks on NH and 4th, on both the north and south sides of Allison. Then around 12:30 or 1am, they all came right in front of my house and some went down the alley right there. They said 3 juveniles carjacked a car from a woman and they thought they were hiding in the alley so they were getting dogs. The police were also looking in trash cans – I don’t know if for a weapon or for kids. There was a helicopter search too.”

Thanks to Council Member Bowser for providing the following info from MPD. And congrats to MPD for making quick arrests.

“At approximately 12:00 AM Fourth District Officers responded to the 700 block of Webster Street NW for a carjacking. Minutes later officers observed the vehicle occupied on 4th Street NW. The suspects bailed out of the vehicle and fled on foot. Fourth District Officers pursued and made two apprehensions. An outstanding job by all personnel.”

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  • On carjacking – last winter I found a stolen car in the alley behind my house (which the police never noticed) and found the owner (by looking through the window and reading the address on a package.) She said she had been carjacked by a guy who came up to her while she was stopped at a light and told her one of the tires were flat. She pulled over, got out to check – he jumped in and stole the car. So watch out for this ploy.

  • This is really amazing. A DC cop you can actually outrun a teenager.

  • I wondered why the helicopters were hovering over the house at midnight… I thought for a second that the jig was up and I was going to be taken in finally for stealing that Greedo action figure from Woolworths in 1977.

  • any idea on what happened? like specifics on the incident? fake flat tire? or other? i live a block away, so would love to know what to watch out for….

  • name the damn suspects already! juveniles be damned.

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