Smallest Backyard in DC?

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I’ve probably walked by this house a thousand times walking down 11th Street. But until I saw some folks looking at the fencing I had never realized exactly how small the area fenced in is. If this ever goes on sale, I’m dying to read the realtor literature. I’m guessing it’ll be called, cozy…

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  • This place annoys me every time I walk by. It’s like having our own personal shanty town right on a commercial block, such a huge eyesore. Gotta love DC — the city where it is nearly impossible to get any sort of permit to open or expand a legit business (see, eg, CH Coffee right next door), but where the ugliest possible pop up ruining a historic stretch of rowhouses, or abominations such as this, are perfectly legal.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I sorta like the look of this fence. I can’t explain it but I certainly wouldn’t call it an abomination…

  • i think that’s the house with all the potted plants on the doorstep right? maybe they use this back area for some horticultural experiments and fun!

  • Anon. – Yes i do love dc. a city that wont make a homeowner who was here LONG before you showed up, change his backyard because you dont like the way it looks. You are exactly the reason gentrification can be such a hot button issue. exactly the type of gentrifyer who gives it such an ugly face. “excuse me poor person who’s neighborhood i’ve decided to move to. could you take down that fence and plant some pretty flowers for me. Im trying to enjoy a latte over here for christs sake.”

  • Is this the Infant Care the caption contest is referring to?

  • This “fence” hides a pile of lumber and old wood that is piled almost as high as the “fence”. Underneath is a beautiful home for neighborhood rats!!! Guess the old timers like Anon 9:26, would prefer the DC rats better than sanitary conditions….

  • I really like that house, corrugated steel backyard and all. The colorful planters, brightly painted steps and contrasting styles always remind me of being in New Orleans for some reason.

  • if thats the best you can do Tim the yuppies wont be hiring you as a lobbyist any time soon. “We arent racist gentrifying plutocrats. We’re just trying to cut down on rats thriving in lumber piles”. And for the record I lived for years in woodley park. which doesnt have anything you and your kind would consider an “eyesore” and there are plenty of rats.

  • forget the fence – what’s with all the wires hanging down the back? Can they even open their door with that web of (what I hope are) cable and phone lines?

  • Hey! I’m thinking about buying a house right by here (on the shady park street). Does anyone have any thoughts about safety in this particular nook of Columbia Heights?? I know there is the shady park and the weird boarded up commercial building, but it has seemed fine ever time I have walked over here.

  • Anonynous @ 9:26 . . . How did you reach the conclusion that Anon @ 7:28 was a new resident . . . simply because they may or may not patronize CH Coffee? Your post also implies that there are no current long-term city residents that like to have a tidy yard, or value our city’s historic resources. Why are people always looking for the potential negatives of people’s posts?

  • As the original anonymous poster, I make no apologies for expressing my opinion. If something looks (at least in my opinion) awful on a widely trafficked commercial stretch, or if someone, say, allows their house to become a nuisance property, or doesn’t take care of their trash, or builds a hideous extra story destroying the character of the street, I really don’t care how long the house has been there. And I don’t think that if, say, I let my property get overgrown with massive weeds over the course of ten years, I suddenly am grandfathered in against anyone criticizing the appearance of said property simply because of longetivity. I plan to be in this area a long time (and I’ve already been here over three years), and I look forward to the time when my opinion “counts” equally in the minds of some posters who will reflexively attack any opinion expressed by a relative newcomer. Just because you have lived in a community a long time doesn’t make you an asset (I am not now speaking to the owner of this particular property, but more about more blatant obvious nuisance properties or properties that allow illegal activity and the like), and just because you are a relative newcomer doesn’t make you a liability. Nor does the opposite hold true (and of course, you can find those views expressed here as well) — I’d rather judge on behavior rather than make assumptions, good or bad, based on longetivity.

  • Anon 11:20Am. I live around the corner and think that the area is very safe. The ‘shady’ park is a lot less shady than it used to be, and my wife and I have never been bothered by anyone there. The weird boarded up building is a concern, but I am actually addressing that with DCRA right now (not that that will go anywhere quickly…but at least it is something). But generally, the community is great, people know each other and say hi on the street (which always makes me feel safer). Good luck with the house…hope to see you around the nook of CH!

  • I actually love this house. I walk by it everyday, and, like Jamie, reminds me of New Orleans. It’s little fun things like this that make me remember how vibrant this community really is.

    And, I live right up 11th a couple blocks up. This area is pretty damned safe. Plus, right near CH Coffee, Red Rocks, and the coming-soon Meridian Pint, which will only serve to put more eyes on the street.

  • On safety: 11th Street in this general area is great. There’s tons of foot traffic and it’s a tight community. It’s still the city – and crime does happen. You should always be smart no matter where you are. But generally speaking it’s not a hotspot and I have heard of very few incidents right around here.

  • that house belongs to a guy named Roger. he’s a very interesting man, with lots of stories to tell. it’s delightful that he maintains the flower pots on his front stoop, and the corrugated fence is definitely a strange but interesting addition to the neighborhood. man, it is so easy to make assumptions about people when you’ve never met, or even seen, them. he is almost invisible (travels a lot around the country) but when you do catch him sweeping the sidewalk or painting the flower pots, you’re in for a great conversation. he *is* what makes columbia heights great.

    “tim,” who posted earlier about rats, is right, though. the enclosure, as it’s maintained, is not good for pest control. its condition is a nuisance.

  • My husband and I refer to this as “the smallest yard in DC.” (Although our yard is really not much bigger!)

    @ Anon 11:20 – I also live on 11th st a few blocks north of Park and absolutely love it. I feel very safe and all our neighbors are great. Also, the convenience is unbeatable! That being said, I do have a large mutt that gets very upset when someone new tries to enter ‘her territory.’ So perhaps that helps with a sense of safety.

    That being said – has anyone in this area noticed a group of teenagers who ride their bicycles around this area at 3am? I’ve seen them twice. Whats the deal?

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