Median Work Begins in Petworth on New Hampshire Ave. (New Trees Coming!)

Road Work Ahead on New Hampshire Avenue

Thanks again to Wayan Vota for sending. He writes, “New Hampshire Avenue is getting raised medians with trees from Grant Circle to Georgia Avenue.”

It’s so awesome to see the things we’ve been hearing about for so long actually become a reality.

Remember the discussion we had about Church parking?

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  • Does anybody know if there’ll be bike lanes?

  • I was thinking the same thing! C’mon bike lanes!

  • thor, i believe dc is allowing the church to use the lane closest to the median for whatever the hell they want, whenever the hell they want. maybe you should become a member and then you can ride your bike up and down that stretch as you see fit!

  • I am quite pleased to see this project moving ahead as well! Here’s to a greener Petworth!

  • Not crazy about the upcoming delays when driving to work, but I welcome the new median and trees. I think it will look great . . . when it’s finished.

  • Hope to see all of you dragging your hoses out on N.H. to water these trees in the heat of summer. Wait, you’ll expect the church members to do that for you!

  • hooray! Love to see new trees planted!
    I know I plan to water all the new baby trees on my block… can anyone lend me a few buckets?

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