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Stan’s Restaurant is located at 1029 Vermont Avenue, NW. I feel like this is a legendary spot for some reason. I seem to recall you walk downstairs and there is a pretty lively lunch crowd here. So what’s the story here? Is the great lunch spot? A great drinking spot? Both?

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  • It’s legendary because they’ve got one of, if not the most generous pour in town on their drinks.

  • Generous pours indeed. I work right across the street from here. In my drinking days, I threw up twice in there. That bathroom is the nastiest. It is a true working class spot.

  • The food is just meh. It’s all about getting hammered on the cheap. And the characters that hang out there are some fascinating relics from a bygone, drinkier age.

    And next to Fox & Hounds, their pours are very generous indeed. You pretty much get a GLASS of liquor and a little mixer. It’s the equivalent of two or even three drinks that you’d get at your snootier lounges.

  • STAN’S! Stan’s is in my top 5 favorite bars in DC, and I definitely don’t go there enough these days since I’m not working Downtown (or, well, anywhere).

    I believe the burgers are awesome, but… that comes with a caveat, which is: The drinks at Stan’s are served as a glass full of liquor, with your mixer on the side. A very large glass of liquor. Stan’s is a great DC “old man bar,” of which there are far too few these days. And since I’m a crotchety 85 year old man in the body of a 34 year old woman, Stan’s is one of the few places those damn kids stay the hell off of my proverbial, metaphorical lawn.

  • Yes, Stan’s is cheap and blissfully hipster free (unlike the Fox) . . . but for how long, one can only wonder.

  • Now THIS is service-journalism I can use. I’ve worked around the corner from this place for a few years & was always mildly curious…. of course I’m flying past the place more often now that the curry place has opened a few doors south on Vermont. I’ll have to check this out after hours sometime, and drown the deadline madness in a glass of something amber colored with a sprinkle of water gasping to death inside it…

  • “Yes, Stan’s is cheap and blissfully hipster free (unlike the Fox) . . . but for how long, one can only wonder.”

    I haven’t been there since my wife worked around the corner and that was more than twenty years ago. Sounds like the place hasn’t changed a bit — a bastion of late-middle-aged guys with wool-poly blend sport coats and cheeks glowing under the effect of immensely potent alcoholic beverages. Stan’s will endure.

    PS: How can it be called “hipster free” when PoPsters frequent the place? Who’s hipper than them/us?

  • Irving Streete is dead on.

    We seen the enemy and they is us.

  • Yes! Stan’s! Truly a blue-collar non-DC bar in the heart of DC. I don’t make it there for lunch often enough, but when I do, I get the burger (which is great) and my degenerate gambling friends get an hour-long side-order of Keno at the bar with their lunches.

    Also not to be missed, the phenomenal 1970s era Wilt Chamberlain whiskey ad/mirror that is in there somewhere.

  • I used to work on that block… the real treasure is the SMOOTHIE place next to Sam’s! So delicious and fresh stuff. Really awesome.

  • I bet to differ that PoPster = hipster. Seems the former is a much more diverse, less conformist crowd. But who knows? All I can say for sure is that Stan’s happy hour clientele in no way resembles that of the Fox.

  • saf

    I dunno about you all but I am far too old and entirely the wrong body type to be a hipster.

  • You should do one in honor of Loeb’s the WaPo had an article on their anniversary.

  • New curry place on Vermont? Pray tell.

  • brightestyoungthings.com are hipsters. PoP are diverse people that love living in the city.

  • This is the very first place I went to when I moved into DC – I live at 12th & Mass and my mom and I happened upon it while checking out the area the first night in town. Very VERY cool place! I totally forgot about it until this post! Now I’m all excited to go back. I remember walking down the stairs, and thinking it was a little strange looking in that area of town (federal, glass, concrete… gotten used to that aspect of DC since moving here), but the place is so cozy and the drinks were great, food wasn’t anything to complain about!

  • Notorious hooker pick up bar.


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