Great Hidden Garden at Cardozo High School


I remember when some folks were putting this spot together last year. I hadn’t checked it out since and there is a super cool addition. It is located on the 11th Street side of the building. It is super tranquil. Here’s the addition that looks great:


Check out some details and an explanation of the site after the jump.





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  • Wow – that’s really beautiful. Perhaps they should change their name from the “Clerks” to the “Landscapers”

  • It’s definitely been there more than a year. I can’t say what year the Peace Garden was installed, but I think 2001 might be right. When I moved there in 2002, it was a modest garden, a popular dog park, and just a lovely place.

  • Thanks for noticing our Peacegarden. It was started in 2002. It has been built with student and community hands and all from small grants—no DCPS money. The sculpture is made up of tiles created by artists from around the world, see: (

    For more info on our garden and other DC school gardens check out:

    Cardozo teacher & Garden guy

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