Qualia Coffee Opens Today! PoP Petworth Cleanup Tomorrow!


A reader writes:

“I am happy to report I was the first customer at Qualia Coffee this morning. The cafe is lovely, the coffee strong and bursting with flavor, and the WiFi is fast and easy.”

Qualia Coffee is located at 3917 Georgia Ave.

And don’t forget the PoP Cleanup tomorrow at 10:30 am meeting at the Petworth metro by the leaf sculpture.

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  • So happy to see this! I’ll stop by and check it out this evening on my way home.

  • HOORAY! That is fantastic news, and what a great weekend to walk down and check it out!

  • That is such great news about the coffee shop. I will check it out over the weekend. I hope they are really succesful!

  • Dear Columbia Heights Coffee,
    I think we need to see other people. It’s not you, it’s me. We can still be friends. How about a medium dark with room for cream for old time’s sake?

  • I thought the name was going to be Fresh Off The Roast?

  • Fresh of the Roast is the name of the company – I guess they just picked a different name for their store. Still the same people though and I have heard great things about the quality of their coffee.

  • Qualia? Odd name, obscure word. It sounds like some new drug offering for the geriatric market from Pfizer. This was the best his poll could produce?

  • This place is great – really excellent atmosphere, outdoor seating, and THE BEST coffee. The proprietor knows about 20 ways to brew coffee – including hand-brewing each cup.

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