Gori Cafe Comes to 1113 V Street, NW


This is an interesting little spot that opened up a few months ago. It is an Ethiopian style coffeehouse. It is a little dark, but overall rather pleasant in a very chill way. There is a little bar area and 8 or so tables. In addition to coffee you can order Ethiopian food as well. If you’re looking for a really quiet place to study with Wifi and you don’t mind an austere setting this spot is worth checking out. Even better if you like Ethiopian food…

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  • Inauguration day, with all of U St. being useless to find some place to eat or drink on a freezing cold day, three of us stopped in there.
    Basically waking the family couple that owns it up from the t.v. we sat and ordered tea and one meal each. She scurried back into the kitchen etc. and she came back with food for my two amigos. They ate, I waited for my meal….and waited. After they came back with the check, I asked where my meal was? Embarrassed, they were eager to run and make it quickly but I declined and was intent on eating somewhere else. The man yelled at the woman in a foreign language while we paid. My friends said the food was pretty good though.

  • Yummy sambussa and absolutely fantastic mango puree/juice. I take my orders to go, because the atmosphere is not ideal, but the people seem very friendly. They gave me a free sambussa one day because it was almost closing time and they’d been sitting out all day- can’t complain!

  • I have gone once I like it. Very much not like the average coffee/cafe in DC. The food was great, the coffee ok. I fear they won’t last long which makes me sad as they are unique

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