Good Deal or Not? Mini House With Some Serious Charm Edition


This house is located at 1814 Vermont Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Close to Metro and U-Street/Logan, light-filled, condo alternative, updated kitchen, granite countertops, hard wood floors throughout, historic row house with beautifully landscaped front and back patios, two parking spots, custom elfa shelves & lots of great features.”

More info and photos here.

Now this is a small house at 2 beds/1.5 baths but before you judge it you have to take a look at the photos. They seems pretty sweet. Lots of nice detail here. Given the charm and the size do you think $530,000 sounds reasonable for this home?

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  • It looks like a pretty good deal to me. Priced competitively with the comps. The rooms aren’t too small.

    I especially like that, unlike most small rowhouses, it is wide enough that the sofa isn’t right in front of you when you open the front door.

  • Ha, WDC, well at least even if you can’t arrange leaving DC for Philly, the train makes it easy enough to get away weekend trysts. You could have the best of both worlds: marriage to an affluent bureaucrat-filled town, affair with a grittier city with better dive bars.

  • Ugh, this was meant to be posted on the RR&R thread … sorry.

  • I am ALWAYS going to be skeptical about the tiny houses, mainly because there’s no way I could fit my bloated lifestyle into one. I think this house shows 2 things: (1) what a trip to The Container Store can do for your organization of smaller spaces and (2) what a realtor who’s good with a camera can do for your real estate listing. The house is nice, the location may even be ideal for some folks, and the price isn’t ridiculous. But is it a good deal?? I don’t know. Probably a 475k place if you ask me. You can buy 2-3x the house as this for the same money if you relocate 10-20 blocks north. (Of course then you’ll get a whole bunch of other complaints …)

  • I think it’s a good deal. That address has seen a lot of renos nearby, new condos, newer (read: “safer”) nightlife. For the young single urban dweller, I think it’s quite nice.

    Get rid of your bloated lifestyle! If you’re single and you can’t fit into a 2BR house, I worry…

  • When I first looked at this I thought, “Eh, this isn’t THAT small” because at first glance, it looks so much like this house, a couple of doors down from me:

    I think this house (the one here on PoP) is a pretty good deal with the parking spaces, patio and location. I’m not sure about my neighbor’s place, linked above. I am hoping there’s another open house, because I’d always thought the house was more along the lines of this one (it looks really small from the outside) but clearly they’ve gotten a lot of space out of it, and now I’m super curious to figure out how/where.

  • I say a pretty good deal. The house is very nicely done with a great yard and off street parking. It’s very much a condo-alternative house, and I think it would compete well with condos in the area. Yes you can (and I did) find a bigger house a couple miles north for less, but this is a great location, and people are willing to pay for that. I think it will sell for close to asking and pretty quickly.

  • this place is tiny! no way would i pay even close to that amount for this place. it lacks character inside (total gut job), but is lovely outside. no deal.

  • I vote for a good deal.

    Awesome neighborhood! Most of the other housing options in U street are condos with ridiculously high fees. Think about it $200-$300/mo in condo fees could be a pretty sweet car payment. Plus with this house you get a front yard and huge back patio. Bring on the BBQ!

  • I’m really sick of hearing the ‘total gut job’ and ‘no character’ complaint for anything and everything. If there is anything that is lacking character, it is posters who make the same complaint for every single GDoN.

    This place has transom lites over the doors. Octagon tiles. Thick window mouldings. This one is so obviously not a total gut job and not without character. It may not be the kind of character some people like, but that doesn’t mean it is without it.

    The ‘total gut job’ whine needs to go the way of the curb cut whine. Adios.

  • “Think about it $200-$300/mo in condo fees could be a pretty sweet car payment. ”

    … or maybe 1/2 of the monthly maintenance expenses you’ll have with a house.

  • It’s one block from the U Street Metro (Vermont Av. entrance), has a small front yard, a back patio, and two parking spaces. It’s a small house, but $530K doesn’t seem too off the mark for that location. $475-500K would be better, but I don’t think this is too bad.

  • “… or maybe 1/2 of the monthly maintenance expenses you’ll have with a house.”

    i’ve been a home owner in 4 different cities..including a few neighborhoods in dc and have never had $400-$600 in monthly maintenance with any of my houses. and read the fine print on your condo fees. most fees don’t cover maintenance to your condo either.

  • I’m with you Anon @ 2:54, I never understood why people thought Condo fees were such a bad thing. See that lawn in front of the building? You as a homeowner have to maintain that. Notice how this building has a roof? One day its going to have to be replaced and it would be nice if you saved some cash every month so you don’t have to pay for it all at once. Would you like running water so you can take a shower and brush your teeth? Yup your typical condo fee covers all of the above and sometimes more.

  • Original bloated lifestyle here (@ Jen Dc, you assume too much — I’m not single, a fact that contributes to no small amount of bloat, damned wedding gifts and shared closet space…). On second glance, I stand by my objection to this place (and other similarly sized places): it lacks ANY place to store things. No basement, very small closets, etc.. Look at the photos for this one: 28 photos, and you don’t see a single closet. I assume there are closets here (custom elfa closets, no less!), but the fact that the house has been photographed from just about every angle and you can’t see them in the pics should tell you plenty. I’m guessing there’s one small closet in each bedroom and MAYBE a coat closet downstairs.

    PLUS, that couch is only two cushions long — how’s a 6’1″ person supposed to nap in a space that only holds a two-cushion couch?? (As an aside, the only people I know who actually live in a tiny house are tiny people — a couple that barely tops ten feet if you stack them on top of each other — and even they complain about not having space.)

    I agree this is a good alternative to a 500k condo in the same area, however, and were that the choice I faced, I’d take the house every time. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. Just not for me.

  • I entirely think this is a deal. The place is gorgeous, and the fact that there are two parking spots and a patio are priceless. The kitchen is adorable, and it appears move in ready. I’m picky about neighborhoods, and at least half the houses I look at in dc are 600-750,000 fixer uppers, and lack parking or any sort of good outdoor space. I love this place! I say deal.

  • I like the license plate. 🙂

  • i vote no deal- i’ve been looking around at listings for a while and that is honestly a pretty high price for something that’s not 2 full baths. i could get the same space in half a victorian townhouse (i.e., cut into two condos) for less money.

  • I think it’s a good deal because:

    A) Having spent time trying to find a parking spot in this area, two parking spots is big.

    B) This seems like a good condo alternative. I hate the idea of condo fees. I looked at a place near this one that is similar in features/price but had a $275/month fee. There are few things actually worth a condo fee. Anybody who knows how to google can fix a ton of problems that don’t come anywhere near $3-5 grand a year. I also like the idea of being able to add future value that condos don’t allow.

    C) The patio looks like a sweet sweet spot.

  • Great bachelor pad. If i had half a mil to spend by myself, i would live here. outdoor patio is key. i would rather mow a patch of grass every couple weeks and pay my own utilities than have a condo fee.

  • Does anyone know where those kitchen cabinets are from? That’s exactly the sort of thing I’d like to have in my house. Very nice renovation.

  • as someone who is looking down the barrel of thousands of dollars to replace his roof, the idea that you can “google” and save $275 a month in maintenance is ridiculous. Methinks the condo fee haters have not owned an older house for any period of time.

  • This FOR SURE looks like a good deal. Comps check out and it really is ALL about location, location, location!! We bought a place in Capitol Hill 2 years ago thinking that would be the neighborhood to hang out in and DAMMIT we now spend every Fri & Sat (ok, and Tues and Thurs) searching for parking and spending our time/money at bars and restaurants within a couple blocks of this place. U street is where it’s all happening and having parking AND outdoor living space makes this place very appealing & worth the price. I dig the warm colors inside and the place looks super clean without being sterile. I am LOVING that patio situation and my only question is WHERE THE HELL was this place 2 yrs ago when I got mixed up moving to SE??

  • @eric in ledroit – I’m with you on wondering about the condo fee haters. I just calculated how much I spent last year on home repairs and it was over $10K. Yes, a new boiler was part of that, but last year was over $5K, too. This is almost all repairs, and very little cosmetic renovations. Older homes are lovely, but certainly not cheap to own.

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