Good Deal or Not? Livin Large in Columbia Heights Condo Style Edition


This condo is located at 1309 Park Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous Open Spaces. Gas Fireplace, granite countertops, kitchen island. Pantry in Kitchen. Spacious Living w/ Open Dining area. Wall of windows drenches living w/ light. Master Bath w/ WIC & Spacious full Bath. W/ D in unit. 2nd BR used as nursery can fit Full Bed. All Dogs Allowed. Seller Reserves the Right to Accept/Reject All Offers.”

More info and a virtual tour found here.

I’ve always been curious about these condos because I walk by this building nearly everyday. I think the location is phenomenal. After checking out the virtual tour the condo itself is also top notch. Though, I’m curious to know what people think of open kitchens like this? The asking price is $529,555. I really dislike ridiculous prices like this but do you think the market can support this asking price? What do you think of the condo itself?

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  • I’ve always wondered how they were inside. I guess the best part of living there would be not having to look at the exteriors; that is one ugly building. It is a good location, except maybe you’d get a ton of sirens.

  • Washington Post article last Saturday –

    “Meanwhile, the Zip code with the biggest drop in median home price was 20011, which includes parts of Petworth and Columbia Heights. There home prices fell 10 percent, to $375,000 from $415,000, and homes sales dropped to 290 from 433. Data for the District and the other jurisdictions in this story exclude condos.”

    I would imagine that condos are faring worse. So I would say that they need to be more realistic about the price.

  • And that’s the best part about this…

    So many folks can say that’s way too much or how ugly it may be. None of that matters until someone signs on the dotted line and hands over a check.

    Behavioral Economics, as the study human behavior related to the exchange of money, is fascinating.

  • My gf lives at the Park Triangle right up the street on Park. Her apt faces the Giant. I swear that is the loudest apt. Fire trucks, police. It doesn’t necessarily bother me (i like the city). But I could see how the noise would run someone crazy.

  • thems west of the park prices. literally. there are like 10 2 bed 2 bath condos for under 500,000 listed in 20008 zip alone. Not to mention the hoards in adams morgan that are nicer for around the same price.

  • I’ve been inside. I don’t think they will get that price, but it does include a parking space, is very nice and brand new — a quality renovation, and the living room is great with tons of light. Location is extremely convenient. On the downside, the second bedroom is TINY; you could barely fit a bed in there. Also, no (I don’t think) outdoor space. it seemed a little smaller than listed square footage. I’d say it ends up selling for a little south of 500k; how far south is the question. Now that penthouse unit, which looks to have a sweet roof deck and great views — that might be a different story.

  • How come the units in these types of buildings with the awesome balconies and private roof decks are never up for sale? I wouldn’t buy a condo like this without at least a small piece of outdoor space.

  • I’ve been in that unit as well as that second bedroom is incredibly small. It’s almost child abuse to use it as a nursery it’s so small.

    Location is good but you can find a decent 3br house nearby for close to that-

  • could they have tried any less to tack on that fireplace stack? It looks awful both inside and out. Look how awkward it makes the television placement.

    As for the second bedroom, it looks small in the photo, but its obvious whoever took the photos didn’t know how to use a fisheye lens or stand outside the doorway to capture the whole room. The plan says its 15′-9 x 9′-8″ which should be pretty decent sized…unless the closets are part of that dimension.

    I do really like the kitchen. especially that the pendant fixtures over the island aren’t murano glass. I’m so sick of that look.

    I can see how the location would be pretty noisy.

    I think the listing is pretty realistic–in that it is right in line similar listings. I also think the owners will get pretty much the same as the comps did. That is, 40-50k less than the listing. Unless they are in no hurry to sell and want to wait for the market to swing back around.

  • Looks like it is very nice minus the small second bedroom. But what’s with all of the lights in the kitchen, living room and dining rooms?

  • @ cupcake – I think this condo is actually in 20010 zip code. If I recall from that Post article, home prices in 20010 zip code increased over 2008. I am on the very northern border of CH and am still in 20010. Does anyone in CH have a 20011 zip?

  • on that note this website gives a ton of data by zip code. Here is the one for 20010 (interesting to compare with other zip codes, e.g. 20011).

  • I’m supposedly in Columbia Heights, according to the city, and I’m in the 20011 zip code.

  • If it was worth $505k in 2006, i have a hard time believing it is worth $529k in 2009.

    one thing i notice from walking by is that these apartments have zero privacy unless you keep your shades down all the time.

  • They’re asking for $529 because they’re trying to break even on the sale. That’s a pretty reasonable starting position for a negotiation. They may not get it but this doesn’t look all that greedy to me. Anyway a lot of stuff that wasn’t opened in 2006 is now. That includes Pete’s, Gastro pub, Red Rocks, the Washington Sports, the Target et al. The yoga place up 14th. My point is it’s a better neighborhood. I wish them luck.

  • Regarding zip codes, if I’m not mistaken, I believe Quincy street is the dividing line between 20010 and 20011. This condo is squarely within 20010, which is a much different place, real estate-wise, than 20011.

  • Mark,

    Thanks for taking the time to realize that the neighborhood has improved and continues to do so as time progresses. And by improved, I mean more mainstream consumables. And also thanks for taking the time to write something positive. In this world I believe you reap what you sew and negativity begets negativity. Give these people a break and let them sell their condo in peace.

  • LOL. Will someone please think of the poor little condo sellers!

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