Good Deal or Not? 213 Rock Creek Church Road


This home is located at 213 Rock Creek Church Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Meticulous & beautifully renovated 4BR, 3BA rwhouse w/ a bright, cheery, & separately metered lower lvl apt & pkng on a scenic block in Petworth. Walk to Metro! Btfl architectural details, formal DR, LR & gourmet kit opens to great deck & yard. 3BR & 2BAs up, incl lrg Master w/ sitting area & FB. Finished bonus room in attic. LL has good ceiling ht, laundry, & separate entrances.”

More info and photos found here.

I love these homes that look out onto the Old Soldier’s Homes. Hipchickindc wrote a GDoN revisited on the home at 303 Rock Creek Church Road which sold for $379,500. But this one seems to be a more extensive renovation. Do you think $529,000 sounds reasonable?

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  • Actually, yes. Nice renovation — kept some great features. Good deal.

  • Would be a good deal at $50-75k less than what they’re asking now. Pleasant location and nice renovation.

  • I’d probably say yes without reservation if it were a few blocks closer to the Metro, like this house that sold for $525k:

    Can’t see any pictures now but I remember the listing and it looked nice (I think they were originally asking over $600k).

    For this house, I’d say $475k is more realistic, but it is under contract.

  • The closeups of the details crack me up. Especially the newel post, which should have been dusted first. And the microwave.

    I like the paint color in the kitchen.

    It seems like a good deal to me. It is a huge house for the price. It is a bit far from the metro, and everything else, for my taste but I’m sure to many people that won’t matter.

  • agreed–it looks really nice and I like having the lower level (maybe to rent out). It’s further than I’d want to walk to that metro station, but for someone with a car it’s great.

    are all the photos blurry though, or do I just need new glasses?

  • @Anonymous Says: April 28th, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    are all the photos blurry though, or do I just need new glasses?

    Thanks…I thought they were blurry also!!!

  • I think the house has to be larger and/or closer to the metro to fetch over $500k

  • the photos were quite blurry.

  • the photos in the external link are clear. It is just the redfin photos that are blurry for some reason.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Sounds about a right price. Nice looking house and I agree, I love the houses facing the Old Soldiers’ Home… so calm, quiet and GREEN there!

  • I have been in this house. It is a great deal for someone that wants a nice home and is planning on living there for a while. I think its a low price for a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood that is getting better and better every month. Look what you get in Logan or Columbia Heights for that price, a tiny “MacLoft” with bedrooms you cannot get a queen size bed in. I dont even know why Columbia Heights is more expensive, Petworth is a much nicer neighborhood!

  • I agree with Anon at 6:06, but then I live nearby and am obviously biased. That part of Petworth, away from GA Ave and closer to the cemetery and the Soldiers Home, is quieter and has less crime (although to my mind, *any* open drug dealing etc. is too much). Plus, although you have a six-block walk to the Metro, you’re walking along the trees and fields of the Soldiers Home, which makes it enjoyable. Lots of friendly neighbors, too. And the Hitching Post and El Limeno just steps away!

  • you can see they bought it for $549K a few years ago and are trying not to lose too much money… hence the $549K original asking price.

    I agree with Quincy, I love the views of Rock Creek park! But I’m not into open kitchens, I’m more of the traditional school.

  • No doubt it is a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood that is getting better, but that doesn’t make it a low price. only a couple houses in that neighborhood demand over $500k. it’s a little small and a couple blocks too far from the metro to get that, but it should sell in the high 400s.

  • i live up the street and its pretty nice

  • I remember looking at the basement apartment of this place when I was looking for an apartment last year. I probably would’ve moved there had I not found something closer to where I was at the time.

  • 50k too much, and only a purchase for someone planning to make a home out of it and live there for a while. We have not seen the bottom of this market yet.

  • 6 blocks is too far? Wow, you guys need to get out more. I think it’s a good deal. The house looks beautiful and you can rent out the basement for some extra money.

    The way I see it is that the house 8 blocks away got almost 400,000 then why couldn’t a house with a nicer renovation that is 2 blocks closer get over 500,000?

  • Jackie, I don’t think anyone was saying it was “too” far for the Metro, but just too far for the price. A lot of people value having Metro, stores, and restaurants within 1-3 blocks away and houses with that kind of location tend to sell for more, all other things being equal. Not many houses in Petworth sell for over $500k, but those that to tend to be nicely renovated and less than .5 mile from the Metro. See the link to 521 Rock Creek Church above, which in addition to being right by the Metro is also walkable to LGL, Red Rocks, and Room 11. It was large, semi-detached, and nicely renovated, and sold for $525k in March.

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