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In real life, hipchickindc is licensed as a real estate broker in the District of Columbia and Virginia, and as a real estate salesperson in Maryland. Unless specifically noted, neither she nor the company that she is affiliated with represented any of the parties or were directly involved in the transaction reported below. Unless otherwise noted, the source of information is Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS), which is the local multiple listing system. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Featured Property: 1458 Fairmont St NW #2

Original List Price: $419,900.

List Price at Contract: $375,000.

List Date: 06/27/2008

Days on Market: 188

Settled Sales Price: $375,000.

Settlement Date: 03/16/2009

Seller Subsidy: 10,000.

Bank Owned?: No

Type Of Financing: Conventional

Recent Purchase and Re-Sale?: Last purchased in early 2003 for $245,000.

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Most of the previous commenters did not think this property was much of a deal at the list price of $399,000. How about for $375,000. with $10,000. towards closing costs? This 1000+ square foot two bedroom condo in Columbia Heights features an 8’x16’ outdoor deck, which is an unusual feature for a condo in this price range. It was duly noted that the $257.40 condo fee was relatively low.

Several people pondered the prevalence of crime in this location. This amuses me a bit since no matter where a GDoN property is located, someone thinks there’s too much crime there.

Completely unrelated to pondering GDoNs, I wanted to mention something really awesome about the $8000. First Time Homebuyer Credit for homes bought in 2009. If you bought a home for the first time in 2009 and are within the income qualifying range, you can go ahead and claim that credit with your 2008 taxes. How cool is that?! Even if you already did your taxes and are going to buy your new place by the deadline of 1 December 2009, you can file an amendment to your 2008 return and get your cash this year! Here are the specifics.

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  • This is actually exactly the type of place I am looking for right now. Hipchickindc, are there any comparabl properties on the market (ie, a 2bdrm that is over 1000 sq ft that I could get for under $390k with outdoor space in CHeights/Mt Pleasant? Although I would prefer 2ba)?

  • I heard the coolest guy in DC lives on the second floor of this place… the back balcony on this place may also qualify as the most romantic spot in all of DC.

  • I’d say that this deck is an anomaly, although you might be able to find one with some outdoor space. The first question, of course, is, are you working with an agent?

    We’re starting to see some really good new listings come available, but there is a little bit of a frenzy going on right now due to the super low interest rates, the prices having adjusted, and the $8k credit.

  • actually, there are roaches on the balcony and the guy living on the second floor likes fishsticks.

  • I would call that about right for that place. Kitchen looks like it could use an update. Your amusement aside, I would still call that corner outside my tolerance level for urban crime.

  • I’ve seen that guy jerk off while looking out his window onto the park and playground across the street

  • Great location. All the crime happens on Girard anyway… AND I’ve seen 14th and girard touching himself in the bushes near children swinging on the swingset.

  • i think some of the crime in this area emanates from the guys living on the second floor of this place

  • We only spit verbal bulletz – we’re pacifists anyway.

  • @J – So they guy living on the second floor likes fishsticks? What is he a gay fish?

    Slightly inapporpriate I know but any Southpark fans out thers?

  • @anon

    What?! Why e’rybody startin’ des rumors ’bout me?! I ain’t no gay fish!

  • @ 14stbulletz – just work out this equation Fishsticks + 14stbulletz = Gayfish

  • i went to an open house there this summer, great house. but…it’s right next to the park on girard. i wouldnt consider living next to a park in CH w/ of the illegal activity that goes on at these places.

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