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I love the fact that I get tips like this:

“On Havard street, just North of Lanier Place, on the north side of Harvard street, there is an elevated sidewalk. I do not quite understand it, as the sidewalk must be somewhat inconvenient if you live there, but it looks cool, has nice vantage points and is somewhat landscaped. I wonder what the thinking/history was behind it.”

I think this is what the reader was talking about. It really is quite cool. The backside hits the alley behind Irving Hobart in Mt. Pleasant.

From above:


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  • I live on Hobart St, which is above Harvard. Actually, that sidewalk connects Harvard to the alley behind Hobart. (You actually featured a photo of mine from that alley:

    I’m not sure of its original purpose, but it’s a great time saver for me when I walk over to Columbia Rd towards A.M. The steps are treacherous though – slippery as hell when wet and totally uneven.

  • When I lived on Hobart, I used to take that alley all the time to get to the Woodley Park Metro (this was years before the Columbia Heights one was open). Snappy cut through to get to Adams Morgan. Unlike most alleys, it wasn’t filled with poop or used condoms. Did find the occasional empty crack bag, though, but that’s par for the course.

  • Wish there was a similar cut connecting Hobart and Irving between the 1700 and 1800 blocks, since you have to walk all the way to MtP Ave to get from one to the other.

  • I think there were a set of connecting alley cut-throughs, at least to Irving Street. A former resident of the neighborhood told me that they used to use them back in the 80’s, but they’ve been sealed for at least a decade.

  • Harvard runs East/West, and Lanier Pl. hits Harvard going mostly North/South, so I don’t understand how the sidewalk can be “just North of Lanier Place.” Doesn’t the sidewalk need to be just East or Just West of Lanier Place?

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