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I’ve noticed this sign at Pete’s in Columbia Heights a number of times. So I asked someone at the shop who were they quoting as “Best Pizza in DC”, City Paper? Washingtonian? Nope they are self declared. There was a weak explanation that many of their patrons tell them it is so. Brilliant! Don’t get me wrong I like their pizza and all but I think it’s a bit disingenuous to declare oneself the “Best”. I guess I’m troubled that they used quotation marks. Although, next week City Paper will release their best of issue so maybe they’ll win for the pizza category…

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  • i mean, it’s good, but Redrocks is better.

  • I’d be willing to go as far as best pizza by the slice in DC. I don’t think I could pick an overall “best pizza” winner though, I just like celebrating diversity of pizza too much. 🙂

  • Hahaha, every time my husband walks by their sign he gets all worked up about the quotation marks as well! Perhaps you will be amused by this weblog:

  • vace is the best slice in the city. and best piZza.

  • I like the quote, it smacks of the kind of P.T. Barnum hucksterism that built American capitalism.

  • That’s pretty funny. Their pizza isn’t bad at all, but it’s definitely not the “Best Pizza In D.C.”

    I also think the quotation marks is what makes it annoying. ANYBODY could have said that, but they didn’t even take the time to give a name to put any type of credibility behind their claim.

  • i was just so happy they’ve stopped with the idiotic “it’s not pizza it’s abeets” or whatever there original slogan was …

    all pizza is good …

  • Well within the bounds of standard commercial hyperbole — they at least make and effort. Was the claim pasted out front of Domino’s, I’d have a beef.

    Agree that the quotation marks must die, however.

  • A little disingenuous maybe, but I’d agree. Maybe going to college in Connecticut has given me a soft spot for New Haven style pizza, but Pete’s is delicious.

  • hardly good at all. and i grew up in connecticut. this ain’t even close to new haven pizza. it’s soggy and uninspired. go to red rocks!

  • …but is it “World Famous”?

  • Red Rocks is clearly the best in D.C. Fact!

  • Red Rocks is becoming horribly “Americanized” for a lack of a better term – more toppings, more tomato sauce, soggy bottoms… 🙁

  • I give Red Rocks most improved pizza – it always tasted good but was soggy. Now it still tastes great and no more soggy pizza!!

  • one of the worst quotation marks offenders is Pet Supplies “Plus”. so unneccessary.

  • @Drewlove – You mean like the “World Famous” Florida Avenue Grill? People all over Bangalore are talking about Florida Avenue Grill.

  • Not nearly the best, but certainly some of the most expensive.

    $18.95 for a plain cheese pizza? Seriously.

  • @Anonymous 9:08am – I would have agreed with you a while back, but to me it’s somuch improved lately. Might be worth another visit? I always wondered why their pizza was so strangely soggy (didn’t have the right kind of oven maybe??) but the last couple times I”ve had their pizza it’s been crisp and delicious.

  • You got it monkeyrotica, I won’t go somewhere that isn’t all the buzz in Dar-Es-Salaam or Kathmandu.

  • I did vote for you as best blogger in the city, PoP!

  • I’ve been hoping to see something here on the World Famous Florida Avenue Grill. I love a good dive, so I’m intrigued by this place. But I haven’t been.

    PoP, how about it? Can we get a thread on the WFFAG?

  • @2b3s – $18.95 for a plain ain’t that bad. I paid $20 for a 20″ pepperoni at Valentino’s and it’s worth every penny if you want that Original Famous Ray’s (Not affiliated with Famous Original Ray’s) NY-style pie.

  • …and cue the ubiquitous D.C. pizza debate. I’m surprised, 23 comments and not one mention of Moroni Bros.

  • @monkeyrotica:

    I guess not, considering how the relative absence of decent pie in the area basically lets places like Pete’s set its prices without regard to market competition. But also keep in mind that, typically, around a dollar’s worth of ingredients go into making a decent quality cheese pizza.

  • rdo,

    As and you shall receive. We had a Petworth Pizza Challenge recently between Pete’s and Moroni. The result:

  • Yet one more reason to claim that “best blogger in D.C.” title.


  • ‘self-declared’ — whatever –there is better pizza including radius or red rocks, in the same area….

  • this is simply puffery, a long established advertising trick.

  • stop hating on Pete’s.

    the chef’s choice is loot!

    – NateG –
    “Best commenter on PoP”

  • $19 for a cheese pizza is absurd, especially Pete’s cheese pizza. It’s like a giant cracker covered in cheese and soaked in grease.

    Moroni is the best in the hood. Pete’s is the best on that block, but even that’s debatable if you consider Potbelly’s pizza sub.

  • What happened to VonStallin?

  • seriously, petes is pretty bland. It’s hard to botch something as simple as pizza, but pete’s is nowhere NEAR as good as other places in DC…in fact i’d go so far as to say it’s right down there with the “real original jumbo slice” and “original jumbo slice”. I mean, it’s decent, but certainly not worth the hype. Alberto’s is where it’s at.

  • Not better than Red Rocks… and so overpriced too.

  • MORONI’S!!!! No contest! Pete’s crust tastes like cardboard, but Moroni’s crust is perfect. My guess is that a lot of people don’t think about it because it’s a bit off the beaten path, so to speak, and no doubt people don’t want to venture up Georgia Ave.

  • um, here we go with another pizza debate…

    vace’s is the best. good pizza, great price.
    moroni’s is the best the the columbia heights/ petworth area. redrocks has improved but its still not all that. pete’s is shit.

    and fuck albertos, that place has a habit of starting fires and burning down the building its in, grounds for a permanant boycott.

  • Mayhaps D.C. stands for “Dis Corner”

  • Ha, NateG you crack me up! While Pete’s is my personal favorite (followed by Vace, then Red Rocks), it is not for many and I agree with the posters that Pete’s should not be using a false quote.

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