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PoPtrekker Vol. 3 – Anacostia

by Prince Of Petworth March 18, 2009 at 9:07 pm 13 Comments

Welcome to the third edition of PoPtrekker. In case you missed it, you can see Vol. 2 here. This week I visited Anacostia. I’d like to thank Jacqueline who filmed and edited this volume. (Ed. Note: Intangible Arts will be back to film and edit Vol. 4 so don’t hesitate to email me your suggestions for future PoPtrekkers.) I’d also like to thank David from the blog And Now, Anacostia who created a map for me as I had never been to Anacostia before. Good times.

  • Anonymous

    My heart is warmed.

    I love how accessible you make the city look. I usually don’t wander into a place without a plan or appointment. I’m going to make a point to start being more spontaneous.

    Nice work!

  • saf

    Curtis Furniture! Long gone now, but that was the Curtis Furniture building.

    The “warship” is the Barry – a decommissioned destroyer. You can visit it: http://www.history.navy.mil/visit/visit5.htm

    And I have to agree with the anon above – I’m glad to see people out enjoying our wonderful neighborhoods, learning about the city beyond Fedworld. Good job.

  • Good show! Next time you trek to Anacostia, check out Marvin Gaye park & his childhood home (next to Watts Branch).

  • this is great — and thanks for the shout out!

    and, re: marvin gaye park. that is in Deanwood. In NE. The park is 5 Miles from Anacostia, which is in SE.. haha.

  • On the next PoPtrekker, how about visiting Deanwood and the Marvin Gaye park?

    I’m geographically challenged – I spent time working in Deanwood but you wouldn’t know it~

  • Next PoPTrekker will be a prolonged video tour of what’s in my refrigerator. It’s a quest to find what the hell is making that godawful STINK. And here I was blaming the dog this whole time. Surely I’m kidding? What?

    Well done, PoP/Jacqueline… the interview clips put good life into these things.

  • saf

    MPinDC – If you are interested in Deanwood, have I got the event for you.


    Yes, on April 4th, the Deanwood Heritage Trail will be unveiled.

  • L

    PoP, did you pick up any GDoN?’s while in Anacostia? That could be interesting.

  • Geezer

    Both “interesting” and “very cool”.

  • Oregonian

    Again, good show, good show.

    Point of interest: is your camera person Noodles MacIntosh from U-62?

  • JohnnyReb

    That was interesting – so many neat old houses in Anacostia.
    Two things: why don’t you take a native Washingtonian along with you who can fill you in on the history of the area? Shouldn’t be too hard to find. Also, this grates on my nerves when people pronounce it Anna-Cost-Ee-Ah. It’s Anna-cost-ya, people!

  • future PoP attorney

    Nice hat. Whoever gave it to you must be a great guy

  • caphilleast

    Lots of good doors on the hill plus in the summer full marine dress show (were they twirl the guns etc) in barracks row


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