Space Between Home Rule and Pulp on 14th Street To Become “Blu Lounge & Grill”

DSCN6951, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.


According to the ABRA license the prime spot at 1805 14th Street will become a lounge and grill:


Sounds good to me. Although I’m always suspicious of places that leave the “e” of blue…

Sound good to you?

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  • Yea, its like “Indulj” on U street. Too cute by half.

  • Blu as in Blu-Ray is not even close to as annoying as people, including one “cute” English celebrity chef constantly going “mmm… delisshh!”. ARRRRGGGHH!

    Not to mention off topic posters.

  • Sounds like I agree with your suspicion of businesses owned by fans of “alternative” spelling.

  • “Although I’m always suspicious of places that leave the “e” of blue…”

    Is that your ironic sense of humor in action?

  • This place would seem to be a good counterpart to Red Lounge at 14th and U. I’m hereby copywriting any Red Vs Blue-themed promotional material the two Lounges may want to develop.

  • saf

    White. Also name a place “White” and then show Kieslowski movies in all of them.

  • I miss the good old days when using the word “blue” in the name of a club or restaurant indicated that it catered to an exclusively gay clientele. I also miss handkerchief codes.

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