Pop Up Envy?


This is from 11th Street. You may recognize the pop up on the right which I’ve featured before. If memory serves I think it got fairly good reviews from you guys. So it appears the neighbor is looking to keep up. Do you think this’ll be a new trend of houses next to pop ups getting pop ups of their own?


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  • I think the finished one looks awful. A cross between a second home in the Ozarks and row house. The new one under construction looks more promising and true to the character of the original construction.

  • Help us all if this is the new direction of additions in our ‘hood.

  • The scale doesn’t seem quite right on either one and nor does the design. Neither pop up conforms quite right with the design of the existing structure but again neither one has that much of a contrast. They seem to have both gone for some inoffensive middle ground which achieves its goal of not offending, but doesn’t manage to please either.

  • I don’t think I have seen a pop up that I have really liked except that modern one that was in the middle of construction (and even there it may be too early to tell). I think whichever architect/contractor figures out a cost effective way to make a pop up attractive will have a very profitable niche. I just seems to be harder to do an expansion on a rowhouse than on a single family home.

  • I saw a very attractive pop-up today, on New Jersey Ave (next to a house I’m about to buy, hopefully). It had the pop-up part towards the back of the house, and a little roof deck/balcony in the front with a nice railing. Not having the window right up front made the addition flow into the house. Of course, doing this cuts the actual indoor space you get in half, but I think it’s worth it to have a nice outdoor space. I’ll try to snap a pic next time I’m down there…

  • Less than a month ago, this row house was only the front Façade. It was completely gutted (rather interesting to see from behind).
    The guys working on the house (Salvadorenos) said it is going to be condominiums, which we took to mean condos. Anyone know if the word is a direct translation? They said it is going to be 3 separate condos.
    Enough condos already!

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