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  • I thought this place was closed?

  • Overpriced, but the food is very good. I approve. Good, fresh, seafood tapas.

  • I did not like it. Not a good representation of argentine food (which is what you would assume it is trying to do, judging by the name, and how I got fooled into going). How it stays in business is a mystery.

  • Good food, excellent service. The interior could use a bit of updating but otherwise it’s quite good. But I always spend more there than I think I’m going to… some restaurants are like that. So I concur that it’s a little overpriced.

  • This is one of my favorite lesser-known restaurants in DC. The service is excellent and the food is superb; however, the wine list is quite poor. If you go, stick to cocktails & order lots of seafood.

  • I’ve eaten there many times and love it.

  • I used to eat there and mark this as the first upscale restaurant in that area, when it opened in 2000 or so there was much speculation about whether they were off their rocker. I liked it when I lived in that area as it had a good steak and the service was friendly and the words “mo fo” were never spoken to me by the staff.

  • I read (I think in the WaPo) that this place is closing in a few months when their lease runs out

  • Argentine? Spanish? Basque?

    Is it really any of these, or is it the usual “small plates” fare?

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