Dunkin Donuts, Sushi Restaurant or Another Restaurant Possibly Coming to 2204 14th Street

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I am an unabashed lover of Dunkin Donuts so I’m pretty excited about this possibility. However, I also dig sushi so I’m a bit torn. I noticed some construction workers inside and inquired if they knew who was coming in. They told me that Dunkin Donuts, a sushi restaurant and other potential restaurants had looked at the spot. One guy said that the first one to put money down will get it.

So all things considered which would you prefer? Of course “other restaurants” is a little vague but that’s all I could get!

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  • There is a noticeable dearth of $5 cupcake shops and gourmet dog biscuit bakeries in that vicinity. For how much longer must we tolerate this indignity? This situation should be remedied post haste.

  • Well, there is a dunkin donuts a few blocks up 14th – so I would go for sushi or another restaurant.

  • I would kill for a Dunkies within a few blocks from my place. There’s Sushi U a few blocks away. I want a Dunkin Donuts.

  • Well, if you must have a Dunkin Donuts, I would at least hope they would serve Lutherburgers. Nobody does those proper-like around DC.

  • If those are the choices, I’ll take a Dunkin Donuts since it’s right across the street from where I live.

  • My wife asked the contractor on site last Friday, and he said it would be a sports bar.

  • What’s the story with the buildings across the street where the new YMCA is supposed to go? Looks like that project on hold?

  • Ugh, with all the home-grown coffee shops to support, why the hell would you want a DD?
    I’d love to see a vegan bar go in there. Now let’s not start that again.

  • A Dunkin’ Donuts Sports Bar would be the ultimate.

  • since there’s already a Sushi place and a DD in the 4 block vicinity, i’d vote for a different restaurant…

  • “Ugh, with all the home-grown coffee shops to support, why the hell would you want a DD?
    I’d love to see a vegan bar go in there. Now let’s not start that again.”

    Please tell me this is some type of satirical comment on Petworth and this blog.

  • How about a vegan donut sports bar

  • Ro, I dunno, maybe a donut bagel jewish sports bar deli with organic coffee would be better?

  • That neighborhood really needs a Seamus von Leninburg Standing Horse’s Omni Ethnic Sub Pub.

  • That facade is really fancy for a Dunkin Donuts.

    More important to me, that building has tons of history, first as a jazz club where some of the greats stopped by and then as the headquarters for DC’s ‘queen’ of the underworld. While I’m not sure everything that happened withinn those walls should be celebrated, it would be sad to see it become something characterless like a donut chain go in.

  • trader joes or stfu

  • i am surprised dunkin donuts would put one in so close to one of their other locations (up 14th street at columbia heights).

  • I’m a DD advocate because I’m from Massachusetts, I have DD coffee running through my veins, I think. But, of course I’d love to see something else come into the ‘hood as well, bar, bagel shop, other restaurant, whatever. As long as it’s quality that’s all that matters to me.

  • What is the reference to the ‘queen of the underworld’ all about?

  • I have never understood people who like DD. their pastries absolutely SUCK ASS. you want a real donut, scoot over to Hellers in Mt. Pleasant.

    (Montgomery Donuts used to be the best, but sadly, when a windstorm took their roof, they never reopened.)

  • Odessa Madre was the so-called Queen of the DC underworld about 60 years ago. Sounds like she was ruthless too. One of the only female heads of a numbers, prostitution and who knows what else racket back in the day

    Google 2204 14th st odessa washington, dc and you get a flavor.

    I’m not saying we should celebrate her or her lifestyle, but the building – going back even before her – has character. If it’s a Dunkin Donuts (and I hope it isn’t), at least maybe they will pull a CVS and at least put some neighborhood pictures up.

  • eff Odessa. May she know the indignity/glories of gentrification. I want a Moby Dick, Five Guys, or Chipotle. I will happily accept an “independent” attempts to do the same thing, but there is no place to get a decent take-out kebab, burger, or burrito on U street. (The kebab/schwarma/etc places on U street are particularily bad. I really wanted to like LZ Middle Eastern restaurant, but the bread is frequently too tough and the sauce has a distinctive peanut taste to it).

  • How about a combo of DD and the Pleasure Place on Conn Ave in Dupont? Imagine what you could do with the donut holes, mmmmmmm.

  • If you live near this location, you should hope that it’s something other than Dunkin’ Donuts. That is, unless you like hearing the liftgate of their delivery truck repeatedly slamming into the street at 6:15 a.m. seven days a week. I live across from the 17th Street location and rue the day that DD moved in.

  • anyone know who owns the building?

  • If you’d like to hear for yourself what a Dunkin’ Donuts delivery sounds like, search “Dunkin’ Donuts 17th Street” on youtube.

  • What is the story with the old buildings on the right and left to this one? Are they vacant or plans to redevelop?

  • HOw about a Chipotle Burrito place…that is what U st. really needs.

  • Anonymous @10:40am, i *think* the buildings to the right and left are being used, albeit very infrequently. One has a small sign the says “employment office” but the light is rarely on and the door is never open. The other is an OLD OLD OLD rec center type place, one night it was really hot out and i saw the door propped open for the first time ever and there were some inner-city type kids working out and boxing with coaches.

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