Doesn’t This Defeat The Point of the New Meters?

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  • Do you mean because its big and bulky or because it only takes change?

  • These multi-space meters suck for many reasons. My main complaint is that they get rid of a ton of bicycle parking spaces. The city has put so few actual bike racks around town that individual space parking meters were one of the few places to lock your bike up, especially in places like Georgetown & U st. Add to that there’s been a problem in Adams Morgan recently with Parking Enforcement people not ‘noticing’ the meter payment receipts on the dashboards of cars and ticketing them anyway.

  • to me the advantage is we can park more cars along these stretches now since spaced spots tend to be much longer than we need.

  • These are still way better than the clunky crappy old metal ones.

  • These are better as they indeed allow more parking, but also because – once they get them set up right (hopefully) soon – they will have less coin collecting staff and (hopefully) maintenance needs, allowing that money to be spent (hopefully) e.g. on putting in more bike racks…

    Damn that O guy, has me filled with that nasty hope…

  • No, the point of the new meters is a) when you drive away from the space, you take with you the unused time, printed on the ticket, which is still sitting on your dashboard; and b) much less significant but still annoying, it is impossible for do-gooders to feed the new meters for you.

    To the whatever extent that the new meter inconveniences you and increases the likelihood of you getting a ticket, it’s probably *serving* its purpose for the city.

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