Dear PoP – Old City Green To Reopen For Spring Planting


“Dear PoP,

Driving around, I came across Old City Green at the intersection of N and 9th Street, a few blocks north of the convention center. They are an uncovered, fenced lot that sold Christmas trees back in Nov and Dec. I stopped by today to check on what they got going on, and hoped to buy some supplies/plants, but they are not yet open. They will open to customers on 3/28, but will be welcome landscape professionals this weekend. Appeared that they’ll be selling plants (seemed to have a good selection already), garden supplies (soil, wood chips/mulch, etc) and likely other stuff, and seemed to be working on setting up there space well. Very friendly people working the lot.”

Cool. I checked them out last weekend. They will be open to the public on 3/28 but just for the weekend. Starting April, 11th they’ll be open 7 days a week! And the folks were super nice. More info here.


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  • Any word on their prices? Selection? Are they comparable to Home Depot’s prices and selection? I’d rather patronize a local small business, but only if the price is right. Thanks.

  • Love their lettering…

  • It’s impssible for any small/ local business to go “penny for penny” with Home Depot. While price gougers should (and will) find themselves without customers, paying a little more at a small/ local business is worth it and actually in everyone’s interest in the long run.

  • How great it is to see a run down, eye sore empty lot turned into a wonderful green space. The lot has definitely gone through a transformation. I love the small little house/office (chicken coup) on the site. I will be buying my nursery/landscaping items from this place. I strongly believe that this kind of neighborhood green business should be supported by everyone in the community. Welcome, Old City Green, to the neighborhood!!!

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