Raymond Park has Banned Dogs

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From a reader:

“Just thought you’d like to know, I happened to see someone posting a sign prohibiting dogs on the field at Raymond park (between 9th St. NW, Quincy St. NW, and Spring St. NW – the park a block away from the GA Ave/Petworth Station). This is a popular spot for off-leash play and it’s not uncommon to see people walking dogs there at various times of the day, so it gets a lot of use from the canine community. While I’m sympathetic to dog owners in the neighborhood (I use this park to walk my dog once in awhile as well), I guess we should also take into account the fact that there had been a sign stating that all dogs must be on a leash and owners must clean up after their dogs. The majority of owners seem to clean up after their dogs, but unfortunately the leash rule was often ignored. Hopefully the new dog parks planned for the area will fill the void, but in the meantime we dog owners should try to be exemplary citizens when it comes to dog walking etiquette in order to avoid more restrictions and to endear ourselves to our non-dog-owning neighbors and the rest of the community.”

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  • Okay, I’ll bite. I use the park occasionally to excerise my dog, off leash. Yes there are signs that dogs need to be on leash in the park, but there are also signs that the park closes at dusk, and there is certainly activity in that park after dark, espeically in the warm weather. I don’t take my dog to the park when other people are there, and I pick up, regliously. It seems to me that as long as everyone respects each other, and the dogs are cleaned up after it’s not a problem. If others who use the park have concerns related to dogs at the park I’m totally willing to listen.

  • I find most parks in the city have all sorts of signs about being closed during such and such an hour, please don’t litter, no drugs or killing, etc. All of these rules are not enforced and all of these things happen in the parks. If I ever get a ticket or some such for letting my dog run around my local park, I’ll frame that thing. One of those deep, nice frames from Pier 1. Then I’ll sip chianti and gaze upon that ticket and dream of the possibility of a better day in DC.

  • Finally, the city has shown some gumption and not caved to the assorted dog-owners in this city. I cannot understand why anyone would think it okay to have dogs and their attendant poop and stench sharing a playground used by children.

  • Make sure that the person posting the sign was a DC employee who was authorized to do so. I live across the ally from Hamilton Rec and a neighbor took matters into her own hands by posting a dogs prohibited sign (this was after she tried sprinkling chocolate chips all over the field to make the dogs sick and personally removing the gate from the fence to make it unfriendly for off-leash dogs). She was not authorized to put up the sign, so while dogs should be on leash and you should clean up after them, they are not actually prohibited from the park.

  • Vonstallin

    thats right down the street from me….and I will not shed a tear with the new sign…

    Hey guys lets play KickBall on the Raymond filed !!!!!
    Or dodge poop.

  • You first two are saying that because other people break other rules about the park, it’s okay for you to break the leash rule? What kind of justification is that? Two (or more) wrongs make a right?

  • Anon 1:42, I am saying DC rules are a farce and are generally enforced with an honor system and nothing else. Ie, these signs are just that: signs with no authority. Thus, the idea that I should abide by these signs is meaningless in my mind. Frankly, my dog eats enough litter from parks that she should be on the DC payroll. Oh wait, that would require her to do nothing but hone her diabetes.

    More to the point, there’s virtually no maintenance on such parks, they are rarely cleaned up or the grass maintained, and can often engender crime and blight simply by their neglected status. So, I don’t feel I should pay attention to the rules, to be honest. Note I don’t go to this particular park, and my dog has “vented” by the time we do get to our park (in my yard, per her training), and my dog is a critical cog in my security system, which is largely required as I live close to this neglected patch of dirt the DC dipshits in power refer to as a “park” and hang signs on from time to time. Again, if I ever was cited for letting my dog run in the park, as I said that might give me hope for this city and I would gladly abide by the rules. Alas, I ain’t holding my breath.

    You call it disobedience. I call it common sense and civil disobedience together…

  • To the haters out there:

    Yes, there is a small but merry band of local residents who take their loyal companions out to one of the few place in the hood where dogs can run around off their leashes for a few minutes first thing in the morning, while everyone else sleeps. It’s well before school starts, and there are no signs of any kids. The owners are mindful of their dogs, and keep the place clean. In fact, I dare say it’s one of the cleaner place in the area, as trash is picked up too (to avoid having dogs accidently eating something dangerous).

    As the dogs play freely for the one hour of the day that they’re there, the owners (all local residents) often discuss issues related to CH or Petworth and generally enjoy each others company. With so few opportunities these days to bond with neighbors, I enjoy my mornings at the school. Come join us one day and find out for yourself what a good crew it is.

  • I second what holmeadhomey said. I’ve made many friends at the dog park. My volunteer work with a park group grew out of my dog park interest. My time there has been good for me and made me a better member of the community.

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