My New Favorite Street Name

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Makes you a little nostalgic for Bush 43, yeah?

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  • Vonstallin

    Hmm, that’s strange…I didn’t know of any “Streets” that didn’t fit DC naming format of Alphabets, Important people, Presidents and then Trees & Shrubbery. Normally that would get a “Place” or “Road” naming vs. “Street”

  • No, no it doesn’t. I don’t think I’ll ever be nostalgic for the 43rd president.

  • So how does one go about getting random sections of alley or streets named like this? ‘Donations’ to someone at DDOT or in the Fenty Administration? My fave is “Zei Alley” down off 14th & I. I’m pretty sure the [former] nightclub just had their own sign made, put it up, and now it appears on all kinds of maps and such. So odd.

  • This is by the Czech Embassy, off Tilden St, between Rock Creek and Connecticut. Spring of Freedom — until the Soviet tanks rolled in, of course. Either the post-Communist Czech Govt got DC to rename the street, or they built a whole new embassy in 1991 and got to name the street. But I think the former is more likely as it’s a big French Mansion.

  • i miss Bush…

    he was fun.

  • DC has many streets that no longer match the old naming scheme.

  • I looked it up on Google. Though the sign says it’s a street, Google Maps and residents of that area call it a lane. Whatever floats your boats I guess.

  • Is PoP a closet Repug? I’ve suspected as much previously….

  • Oh my God, if PoP turns out to be a Republican i will stop reading and remove PoP from my bookmarks!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hahaha. Wow, ok I was just being sarcastic here. Rest assured I am a life long supporter of the Alaskan Independence Party.

  • Hmm….neither directly confirms nor denies allegations….interesting.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    You’ll laugh about this when you meet me at the next PoP happy hour in late March.

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