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This rowhome is located on 15th Street right across the street from Meridian Hill park. I know it’s not completed yet but I was struck by the angle on the pop up. It looks like it might be pretty cool. What do you think – too early to tell? If not, thumbs up or down?

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  • I think it has potential.

  • Need to see another angle or two.

    I like that it appears to be set back from the front of the house… that’s always a plus with pop-ups. Also, the neighbors seem to be doing one two, which will mitigate the eyesore effect.

  • looks tite

  • Yeah, this one looks like it might work. It probably helps that I think it’s a very valuable home to begin with, and I doubt the owners would do a crappy addition that ultimately would not merit the significant cost. I hope they put a sweet roofdeck outside the front of the pop-up — I bet it would have very nice views of the park.

    Looks like the neighbor on the left is also popping his top, no? First-ever PoP pop-up-off?

  • saf

    I have yet to see a pop-up that isn’t just awful.

  • I think it could look quite good. Sometimes meshing modern with a more traditional aesthetic can yield striking results.

  • hmm south facing? solar panels?

    if solar thumbs up

  • @ 4:30 — that would be nice, but the perceived tilt of that roof actually is north-facing. The more I look at it, the more I think it’s a sort of visual illusion and there isn’t any angle to the roof, but rather the roof comes out farther on one side than the other, possibly to have a covered porch effect up there on half the roofdeck.

  • Is Gumby going to live there?

  • Damned cross-eyed lowest bidder…

  • Wow! That’s my friends house! They are a great couple with similar decor taste.

  • I know the owners: fabulous taste, trust me. It’s going to be interesting AND gorgeous.

  • OK, I’ll be gauche — Jay’O or Beth: any idea what they’re paying for the work, even if just a ballpark? I’ve thought about popping up my attached rowhome for extra space, and I want to know what a tasteful (and, more importantly, well engineered) pop-up would go for. Most of the ones I see are just junk, and I don’t think using those as consumer points of reference would be any good. But an “interesting AND gorgeous” pop-up?? Well, now I’m curious.

  • All you potential pop-uppers: Is there some reason you don’t expand the house backwards instead of up? Do you all have really small yards?

    When I lived in Mt. Pleasant, many people on my row had built one or two story additions on the back to get more space. Apart from not introducing another flight of stairs, you can potentially get a lot more space out of it. I can’t imagine the cost difference is all that much for similar sized additions.

    And your house doesn’t end up looking like it’s giving the finger to everyone.

    This particular one I doubt is going to be a problem just because that’s a rather odd location and row of structures in the first place. But the lone pop-up on a whole block of same-sized row houses almost always looks awkward.

  • saf

    “Is there some reason you don’t expand the house backwards instead of up?”

    Lot coverage – I dunno about the rest of you, but we’re zoned R4, so only 60% lot coverage allowed without a special exception/variance.

    I still hate pop ups.

  • I am the one who admitted to at least thinking about popping. (Don’t worry, the likelihood I do it is EXCEEDINGLY low, but it is a curiosity.) It’s a lot issue, as in there isn’t a lot of it. (cue rim shot) Haven’t looked at permits, but almost certainly would have to get a code variance, which I doubt I could get given ingress/egress considerations for utilities. My house is an attached rowhome, so the option is to pop up or make do with the space I have. Were the fam to grow, the option would change to pop up or move. At least I wouldn’t be the first — the house next door already popped when it got condo-converted.

  • You’re lucky you have the option of doing a popup. My girlfriend has place in Georgetown that would have a sweet view of the Key Bridge and Rosslyn if we could build up one more story, but there’s not a chance of it ever getting approved.

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