Dear PoP – Backbacking Trips For High School Students?

Backpack Contents, sans food & water, originally uploaded by use2blost.

“In the past I have led weekend backpacking trips for high school students during the summer. I did this through a summer camp that I worked for in NC. That said, I would really like to get back into such a thing but do not know how to go about doing it. I do not just want to go on a backpacking trip but to help lead one, preferably through an organized program. I know there has to be groups out there seeking female counselors. Any readers out there know if this exists in DC?”

Wow, that sounds like a great program. Sadly, I don’t have any info about a similar program in DC but the readers have an incredible wealth of knowledge about these topics. Is anyone familiar with an existing program like this? If not, any suggestion for how one could start one up?

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  • Dang! With Tequila and cigs you’ll have every high schooler in the city signing up!

  • clearly you did you see the gun

  • Not sure if trips-for-kids: does camping or just mountain biking/hiking type things, but it’s the one organization I know of that comes close.

    Also who’s idea was that pic? Mentioning dc highschool kids and showing liquor, smokes and a .357 revolver. I mean, it’s not like most 15 year olds don’t have experience with all 3, but damn….

  • have to ask – What is with this picture – really – backpack trips for kids – can I go to? target practice, smoking and drinking – what is not there not to love?

  • That looks remarkably similar to the contents of my own pack, although I’ve got to ask… what in the hell do u make with Cuervo & Baileys?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I needed a picture for this post, and found this one on flickr.

  • Perhaps these are confiscated items, you know kind of like how the Feds display pictures of their drug seizures?

  • ontarioroader: pretty sure that’s a s&w .38 snubby, not a .357. however, ruger makes a .357 snubby (sp-101) that would be perfect for camping trips – or Nate-stylee landlord duties.

  • i don’t see any condoms or K-Y!

  • oh gosh! the picture just shot down the original post/question

  • sorry to say i did not need advice on what to pack but how to get on a trip.

    thanks ontarioroader for the advice. unfortunately, they only do biking but that is the exact kind of thing i was looking for. wish i could ride a bike well …

  • Prince Of Petworth

    The pic was a poor choice. I selected it in haste. If anyone does have some recommendations on hiking programs for High School students I’m sure it’d be appreciated.

  • Odentex: I always pictured Nate having a chrome 1911 with ivory grips inlaid with the image of a pot leaf, but maybe I was just over-thinking it.

    Also I just guessed .357 for that six shooter based on the rounds visible in the speed loader, but I’m a semi-auto guy, not a revolver guy, so it was just a wild-a** guess.

  • I was tempted once at a pawnshop to buy a matched pair of chromed 1911’s that had carved scrimshaw-like grips with a bas relief of the Mexican eagle. I wasn’t quite sure when I’d get to use them outside of disputes at the local icehouse tho…

    BTW, the Mexican eagle is waaay cooler than ours, he’s got a rattlesnake chomped in his beak – he could kick our baldy ‘ol eagle’s ass.

  • Sound like some BBQ guns to me.

  • Prince Of Petworth Says:
    February 23rd, 2009 at 1:58 pm
    The pic was a poor choice. I selected it in haste. If anyone does have some recommendations on hiking programs for High School students I’m sure it’d be appreciated.

    it is also copyrighted, like your own website. It would have been courteous to ask my permission before you posted it. Manners and ethics are extra important to anyone who wants to lead children into the woods.

    The gun is a .357. Like condoms and KY, tis better to have and not need than vice versa
    baileys happens to be great in coffee
    tequila, while popular in shots (margaritas and a 15+ mile hike into the woods don’t really go together) is actually an excellent sippin’ liquor.

    condoms and ky ?… I think those would have made my buddy a little nervous, so I left them at home LOL.

    As for hiking hiking programs try the boy scouts, the girl scouts, or maybe google. One idea may be to get involved with a church, then pitch the idea… Lord knows, mainstream evangelical Christianity could use a few more good hearted people who are not so religious.

    The original page ( has every item clearly labeled, some with brief explanations.

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