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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?  And of course, how was your new year’s celebration?

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  • Rave: Had an awesome new year’s eve having dinner with my best friend at Cashion’s.

    Rant: Had to come in to the office today. So lame!

  • Rant: Didn’t get any sleep last night.

    Rave: Didn’t get any sleep last night ;).

  • ^^^
    Hahaha, best rant/rave ever, Anon 1:28!

  • Rant: I too had to come into the office.
    Rave(?): I think I’m finally over my NYE hangover.

  • Rant: Got up and grabbed breakfast at Dos Gringo’s in Mt. Pleasant on New Years Day. Figured that i would give it a 2nd chance since the first time was so bad. This time was just as terrible. How do you screw up a bagel? I told you toasted, with cream cheese. I received, untoasted, chewy with barely one spread of cream cheese. This, combined with the hangover and miserable hipsters, really made this a poor experience. I will not be back. Mark my words.

  • Rant: coughing aching stuffy sore throat congested whine whine whine

  • Rant: I really want to see the movie Doubt, but the 7:10 show was sold out. And in my old age, I can’t stay awake through the later shows anymore.

    Rave: My boss gave us the day off today!

  • Does anyone know what the deal is with the three kings parade in columbia heights on sunday? is it worth it to go and watch the parade of animals? and more importantly, do they have llamas/alpacas in their lineup?

  • I’m in love. with my dog.

    (and I’m not ashamed)

  • The 3 Kings Procession starts at 1:30 on Sunday. There is a performance at the GALA Theatre at 2 with free tickets offered at noon. I’m not sure about the parade route but it must not be very long.

  • Vonstallin

    Rant: Goofball company keep changing MED Insurance companys.
    Went in for new Doctor who was hard of hearing and said I had high blood pressure. I refused to accept this with all my cardio work…got retested and pressure was excelent.

    Rant#2: Bored on new years eve and feel asleep but got up at 10pm. Spent the rest of the night on pornHubs BBS board.

    Rave: spent new years eve/day on pornhub.com

  • RAVE: Had an amazing weekend in NYC with my friends from high school!!!

    RANT: It’s sunday and I am so bored.

  • Rave to vonstallin for the pornhub idea. I’m redtubed out, needed some recommendations!

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