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This home is located at 456 N Street, NW.

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The flier says:

“BANK OWNED. Walking distance to the metro. Minutes away from the Verizon Center/China Town. Shopping, Townhome was reonvated in 2006,newr windows, washer/dryer, Kitchen cabinetS, appliances, cermaic floorsa and hardwood floors. This is a Winner.”

You can find more info and photos here.

This 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom is going for $265,200. Sound reasonable?

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  • Amazing deal. I’ve been trying to convince friends to buy this place.

    Full disclosure: I live on the block (but haven’t been inside this home). Based on the interior photos, it could use some work but looks generally livable. There is a vacant shell on one side (DC government owned) but the neighbors on the other side just finished a renovation.

    Full disclosure two: This block faces a Section 8 property, which is a non-starter for many people (and was for me, originally). But you are three blocks from the metro, three blocks from CityVista (grocery, gym, bank, etc), and a pretty easy walk to Chinatown/downtown/etc. I think it’s a steal and am really interested to see what it actually sells for.

  • 4th and N? Not quite yet my friends…

  • It already has 10 offers, which are currently being reviewed by the bank.

  • Mt Vernon Sq neighborhood is nice, too bad the prices have declined so much. I liked the neighborhood a lot when I looked there a few years ago (looked on Ridge St NW). House is not perfect, but all the upgrades look easy. Is there a back yard? Parking? It’s a great deal!

  • These places are tiny, so the backyard isn’t much more than the front yard. Its a fine area by east-of-the-park DC standards, meaning it’d scare the hell out of the majority of people.

  • Wow, that is a great deal. My friend just bought a block over, on Ridge Street a 2 bedroom 1.5 bath house for 380K!

  • Umm, Dupont Circle is “east-of-the-park.” Look at a map.

  • Sorry NAB, didn’t mean to confuse you, I employed an inappropriate neologism. I apologize profusely.

  • Take a little trip, Anonymous: start at Lanier and Adams mill, take a little jog down the 1800 and 1900 blocks of Park and maybe a couple blocks of Hobart Pl, back onto 16th, go up past Crestwood, the heights, the flower streets and then tell me how appropriate your neologism is.

  • not bad. my main concern would be the surrounding neighborhood, but probably worth rolling the dice

  • There is a lot of section 8 in this area. And there is a lot of public housing nearby. Not my cup of tea. Definitely not if you don’t like getting mugged or having your home broken into. You couldn’t pay me to live here.

  • Oh, c’mon! Based on the naysayers, you were not living in U Street or Columbia Heights in 2001. And that last is possible in any neighborhood in the area – U Street, Petworth, Bloomindale, Brookland…

    The price is sweet. The interior paint job is nutso in a charming “WTF” way, and if I could, I would buy it. It’s similar to the house and deal we got on a 3 bedroom in U Street in 2000. Definitely a Good Deal!

  • Tack on a couple hundred dollars for a concealed carry permit, and it sounds a lot better.

  • I’m pretty surprised by the responses here. From what I can gather, most people on here live in the Columbia Heights/Petworth/PleasantPlains/UStreet area… this area is not much, if at all, worse than many of those mentioned above. It’s mere blocks from downtown, and yes there is subsidized (dangerous) housing in the immediate vacinity, but how is that any different than south or east Columbia Heights?

    Sophiagrrl has it right, but this isn’t even U Street circa 2001… more like 2004. The rowhouses are mostly gentrified already, and development is knocking on the door. Whoever gets this house is getting an absolute steal and will double their value within 3 years (assuming a reasonable economic recovery within that timeframe)

  • CP – no concealed carry allowed in DC for average citizens. In fact, guns are, for most of us, entirely illegal outside of your home. Those sounds we hear all night? Some form of nightingale who’s song sounds like BLAM BLAM BLAM!

  • i looked at 3 places within a block of that house about 18 months ago when i was househunting (bought in Petworth–yea!). at one open house, i literally had to push my way through a crew that had set up chairs on the front lawn of the property that was for sale and giving the stare-down to anyone who dared go inside. the poor realtor said “it’s not really my listing–i can’t tell you much about it.” she looked scared to death to be there.

    all those houses are tiny, and not very well-built. the neighborhood is pretty sketchy. the price is cheap, but so is property on Alabama Ave. in SEDC and i wouldn’t want to live there either.

  • No way would I buy that place. You would have to pay me to live there. I would do it for $50,000 a year.

  • sophiagrrl, true U street and CH are much different than at the beginning of the decade. But, I dont know if you’ve noticed, but the housing market crashed. Also, not every single gentrification project in the city can be successful.

  • This is a convenient location but it’s really close to people living at or below poverty level. This area doesn’t really support much pedestrian traffic (other than drug traffic) so when you’re having your flat screen tv delivered just expect for it to get burgled in about a week, because believe me, you’re being watched by lysol and nyquil down the street.

  • I know a middle-aged, very moderate to low income black guy who lives in that general area. A couple years ago he mentioned the turnover that was going on, but he seemed to have doubts the newbies would ‘stick’, at least at that time… He seemed to think people were buying, but not necessarily staying long.

  • You can’t “gentrify” Section 8 housing. It’s always going to be a dump next to a semi decent area. I would rather buy something 20 block North East. Not to mention the place is tiny.

  • I changed my mind. I want $150,000 a year.

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