Development Watch: 11th and Park


Here are some cool pictures of the interior of the 3DG project and future home of the Meridian Pint bar. For those who don’t recall you can read the interview I did with Meridian Pint owner Jon Andrade here.

They’ve been digging out the basement:


The roof has been removed:


They’ve applied for a liquor license:


And outdoor cafe seating:


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  • I imagine they are asking for those hours now just so they get the max allowable from the ABC, but post-voluntary agreement with the ANC, they will be pushed back a little. Unfortunately, Acuario set a precedent by sneaking in without a voluntary hearing and they already have those hours, but Redrocks’ hours are far more circumscribed (and more reasonable, in factmaybe even too circumscribed). At the very least, there is no way a sidewalk cafe will be allowed to be operational past midnight / one on weeknights / weekends respectively (I think Redrocks closes at 11/12 in fact), nor should it.

  • Holy Crap! Why did they bother keeping the facade? For the mod design, they would have been better off taking the whole thing down!

  • They definitely are working hard! I live next door and if I get to work a little later, they are already on site ready to go. The art they’ve hung on the fence is great, too!

  • i am so excited for this development as well as park place! both completions seem just around the corner!

  • I am super-psyched about this place. Four professional-size pool tables in the basement on 11th St.? Hells yes.

  • Also, not sure if they are keeping the wood beams when they build floor 2, but I hope so, as those are also pretty sweet.

  • Does anyone know when the liquor license hearing is?

  • Uh oh, here comes DC Cry Wolf looking to shoot down the dreams of yet another DC entrepeneur …

    Tried to post this before but did not work:

    As for why keeping the facade, I have wondered the same thing. This is pure speculation, but they may get certain zoning or tax advantages from repurposing an old building rather than completely tearing it down. Also, the portions of the old brick that do remain will look pretty sweet on the interior and add a lot of character.

  • They never would have gotten the histroic preservation folks to agree to the mod design. As HistroisPreservation types (my wife being one) would say, the renovation will have lost all of its integrity. Must have been a tax deal.

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