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things you don’t need… on Georgia Ave, originally uploaded by Suse_dc.


The submitter has captioned the photo: “Things you don’t need…on Georgia Ave”. But I’m going to disagree. Who doesn’t need the occasional beanpie?

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  • True, but blank tapes, diskettes. Heck, I’m pretty sure there are folks around here that don’t know what a “data diskette” might be!


  • This place has been there for sooo long. It caused me to wonder if all upper GA ave storefronts were in the money laundering business. How else can such a place stay open? They had some dusty cassette tapes and an old Tonka truck in the window forever. Now it looks like its gone Nation of Islam…

    And I must admit I’ve never had a bean pie. How honkey of me.

  • When was the photo taken? I ask because I do believe it’s now empty and available for rent. It’s about 900 square feet and I think the owner will negotiate.

    And bean pies are pretty good.

  • What are beanpies? are they like beanie babies?

  • Ripped off from Wikipedia:

    A bean pie is a sweet custard pie whose filling consists of mashed beans—usually navy beans—sugar, butter, milk, and spices. Bean pies are commonly associated with soul food cuisine. Additionally, they are associated with the Nation of Islam movement: its leader, Elijah Muhammad, encouraged their consumption in lieu of richer foods associated with African American cuisine, and the followers of his community commonly sell bean pies as part of their fund-raising efforts.

  • every time we pass that place, it’s MANDATORY to shout “BEANPIES!”

    …….the same rule applies to WONDER CHICKEN as well.

  • Toni, I think I took the pic last winter. I just drove by it today and you’re right, it’s vacant. Where will I buy diskettes now??

    So many of these places are changing. Does anyone remember the House of Knowledge bookstore on Georgia Ave? I think it was at Georgia & Kenyon. It had this whole artificial front in the shape of a sphinx. I always meant to take a photo of it, then one day it was gone…

  • The Nation of Islam stuff has been there for at least the two years I’ve lived around here. I’m convined that they’re actually a font for a radical group!

  • I tried to buy some bean pies at the metro station several years ago, but they wouldn’t let me. That was the first time I realized that they were actually not cool people.

  • Hrmm… Beanpies you say? My culinary interests have been peaked.

  • One can make one’s own bean pies… There are also vegan bean pies in places like the Takoma Park/SS Co-op… I love them…

  • Any person that goes into business with the goal of selling bean pies will not be in biz long. The name alone sounds awful.

  • bean pies are very similar to sweet potato pies… hardly the gastrointestinal gitmo nate makes them out to bw….. i make them for friends and family every thanksgiving…

  • anyone know of any other places on georgia avenue selling beanpies? i’ve been jonesin’ for a good beanpie.

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