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Fallow Deer (Dama Dama), originally uploaded by Manav Gupta (Vacation mode).

Or You’re Not Safe Anywhere…

Thanks to a reader for sending this story from WTOP titled Local lobbyist repeatedly stabbed by wild buck .

“A Maryland lobbyist was attacked by a deer outside his home and says the buck repeatedly stabbed him with its antlers, before he was able to wrestle the animal to the ground.”

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  • I’m surprised that incidents with deer in DC aren’t MORE common. With all the green spaces surrounding and running through the city (such as Rock Creek Parkway and along the Potomac), it is completely reasonable for a deer to end up deep in the city. Just a week or two ago, a deer was seen running around downtown.

    I often take my dog to walk in Rock Creek Cemetery and routinely see multiple deer that live there (and probably in the National Cemetery and grounds of the retirement home as well).

    See for yourself:

  • I see those three in there (Rock Creek Cemetery) all the time. My dogs would *love* to go chase them!

  • I heard about that story on the radio. Apparently the guy tried to run from the deer but was chased down. The deer stabbed him in the back of the leg then after bringing him down he was crushed under the weight of the deer who was trying to maul him with the antlers. The guy was able to get up I believe from punching the deer in the face. But the deer was still after him and charged him, stabbing the man in the groin. After getting the antlers out of his groin area he was able to grab the antlers with his hand and wrestle the deer to the ground and hold him there until he tired out and gave up. Pretty intense.

  • My roommate also captured pictures of the deer in rock creek cemetary.

  • The best part of this story is that after being gored in the groin, the guy skips the emergency room to go straight to a work meeting, and closes his wound with, get this, a binder clip.

    The photo of him from the WTOP story in the hospital with bloody boxer shorts is pretty much an instant classic.

  • better brush on on your Big Buck Hunter

  • Note I believe the picture is some sort of stag, not our local white tail deer.

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